Hydraulics and Drainage

Provides specialized engineering, technical support and policy advice on all storm water and water resource management issues related to the planning, permitting, design, construction and maintenance of transportation facilities.  

Requests for additional information should be addressed to:

Michael E. Hogan, P.E. 

Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone: (860) 594-3238 
Email: Mike Hogan


Hydraulics & Drainage Documents


2000 CTDOT Drainage Manual and Revisions

List of CTDOT Approved Hydrodynamic Separators (pdf 76kb)

Hydrodynamic Separator Guidelines April 2010  (pdf 3.6mb)

Hydrodynamic Separator Special Provision  (pdf 591kb)  (doc 955kb)

Hydrodynamic Separator Design Data Form A  (pdf 22kb)    (xls 27kb)

Hydrodynamic Separator Design Data Form B  (pdf 23kb)    (xls 27kb)

Hydrodynamic Separator Special Provision  (pdf 591kb)  (doc 955kb)


Related Documents


Flood Management General Certification 2012  (pdf 296kb)

Flood Management General Certification Request Form  (doc 38kb)

Flood Management Certification Municipal Application/Worksheets  (734kb) 

Flood Management Certification Municipal Signature Forms  (doc 52kb)  (pdf 17kb) 

Flood Management Certification MOU Reference Documents  (1.9mb) 

Qualified Product List for CTDOT Projects  (pdf 1mb) Includes erosion control matting 

Major Traffic Generator Drainage Requirements  

Tidal Flood Profiles of the New England Coastline USACOE September 1998 (pdf 3mb) 

2004 Stormwater Quality Manual  

Log-Probability Paper: Color (pdf 279kb) / Black and White (pdf 208kb)  

2D Hydraulic Modeling for Highways in the River Environment with Appendix  (pdf 33mb) 

DEEP Hydraulic Analysis Guidance Document 


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