Tablets for DOC Inmates


On behalf of the State of Connecticut’s Department of Correction, the Department of Administrative Services signed a contract on April 4, 2019, with JPay Inc., a Securus Technologies company to provide computer tablets  to the State’s approximately 9,000 offenders.
Answers to  some frequently asked questions regarding the "Tablet" contract


For JPay/Securus Customer Care click on the following link:

Tablet e-Messaging Information

Tablet e-messaging is currently available* to inmates housed at the following facilities:
MacDougall-Walker CI 
    *Tablets will be made available at additional facilities in the near future.
    Inmates will only be allowed to contact friends and family members who have set up accounts with JPAY and added the inmate to their approved E-Messaging list.

    To set up an e-messaging account go to:

    Additional Tablet e-Messaging Information
    How to fund an e-messaging account
    CT DOC Q & A re: Tablets for the inmate population
    Securus Q & A re: Tablets for the inmate population
    The Department of Correction’s Tablet Liaison can be reached at the following email address: