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Connecticut Exempt Company Registration

Who may request an Exempt Registration?

A person* claiming to be exempt from licensure as a mortgage lender, mortgage correspondent lender, or mortgage broker with a need to sponsor and bond a mortgage loan originator, or a need to sponsor a loan processor or underwriter for individual licensing.

*A person generally refers to an individual, company, or any other legal entity.

Who is not allowed to maintain an Exempt Registration?
  • Any person required to have a mortgage lender, mortgage correspondent lender, mortgage broker, or debt negotiator license may not register as an exempt registrant.  Such persons must obtain a mortgage lender, mortgage correspondent lender, mortgage broker, or debt negotiator license with the State of Connecticut through NMLS.
  • Any exempt person that does not employ or retain individuals requiring licensure as either a mortgage loan originator or a loan processor/underwriter may not register as an exempt registrant.
What are the pre-requisites for Exempt Registration?
  • Persons registering with Connecticut must agree to abide by all NMLS policies and use agreements, including attesting to the accuracy of the information submitted, and agreeing to keep it updated through NMLS.
  • No MLO license will be issued to an individual sponsored by an Exempt Registrant without the Exempt Registrant having filed the required surety bond with the Connecticut Department of Banking.
  • No loan processor/underwriter license will be issued unless sponsorship has been established with the Exempt Registrant.

NOTE:  Any approval of an exempt company registration by the Commissioner shall not constitute a determination that such person is exempt from licensure, but rather shall evidence approval by the Commissioner of such person to use the System for purposes of sponsoring and bonding.

Other Relevant Information:

Order Establishing Requirements and Procedures for Use of Electronic Bonds

How to Register:

If you wish to register as a Connecticut Exempt Company you should begin by first reviewing Connecticut’s Jurisdiction-Specific Requirements along with Connecticut's mortgage licensing statutes. 

Go to the Getting Started page of the NMLS website and follow the steps outlined:

NMLS Resource Center button

Any questions relating to the NMLS should be directed to the NMLS Call Center at (855) 665-7123.

Essential Statutes

Before seeking registration, please reference the relevant Connecticut Statutes (§§ 36a-485 to 36a-498f, inclusive, 36a-498h, 36a-534a and 36a-534b), as amended from time to time. 


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