Bureau of Regulatory Services

The Bureau of Regulatory Services enforces certain food safety laws and regulations relating to milk safety, produce safety, small poultry slaughter establishments, animal feed including pet food/pet treat manufacturing. The Bureau is responsible for regulating the growing of hemp and registering seed, fertilizer, soil amendment and liming materials. In the domestic animal realm, the Bureau enforces laws and regulations pertaining to animal control, animal population control, importation, and animal health issues. The Bureau also plays a critical role in the control of rabies in in domestic animals.  

Bureau or Unit




Regulatory Services


860) 713-2508

(860) 713-2515

Agricultural Commodities Unit


(860) 713-2513

(860) 713-2515

Animal Control Unit


(860) 713-2506

(860) 706-5748

Animal Health


(860) 713-2504

(860) 713-2515

Animal Population Control Program


(860) 713-2507

(860) 713-2585

Hemp Production


(860) 713-2502


Licensing Unit


(860) 713-2512


Milk Safety Unit


(860) 713-2508

(860) 713-2515

Produce Safety


(860) 713-2508


State Veterinarian


(860) 713-2505

(860) 713-2548

Federal Veterinarian


(860) 713-2576



Bureau Personnel:

Acting Director:  Wayne Kasacek, BS, RS                                                                 

Assistant Director:  vacant

State Veterinarian: Jane Lewis, DVM, DACVPM

Administrative Assistant: Darlene Deschaine 

Bureau Processing Technician: Charmaine Davis

Agricultural Commodities (animal feed, fertilizer, liming materials, soil amendments, hemp):

    Kate Nelson, Agricultural and Marketing Representative

    Matthew Snurkowski, Agricultural and Marketing Representative
    Melissa Sutyla, Agricultural and Marketing Representative

Animal Health (Livestock/Poultry/Animal Disease Traceability):

    Elizabeth Hall, Agricultural and Marketing Representative
    Willow Lake, Agricultural and Marketing Representative
    Tim McGuire, Agricultural and Marketing Representative

Animal Population Control Program & Licensing Unit:

    Paula Butler, Licensing and Applications Specialist
    Melissa Hyjek, Processing Technician
    Paula Majewski, Processing Technician

Milk Safety Unit:

    James Allyn, Agricultural and Marketing Representative
    Jane Murdock, Agricultural and Marketing Representative
    Kurt Nieminen, Agricultural and Marketing Representative
    Chris Stroker, Agricultural and Marketing Representative

Produce Safety:

    Resha Jacquier, Agricultural and Marketing Representative
    MacKenzie White, Agricultural and Marketing Representative
    Mark Zotti, Agricultural and Marketing Representative

State Animal Control Unit:

    Jeremiah Dunn, Chief State Animal Control Officer

    Kelli Baker, State Animal Control Officer
    Charles DellaRocco, State Animal Control Officer
    Dean Gates, State Animal Control Officer
    Nancy Jarvis, State Animal Control Officer
    Tanya Wescovich, State Animal Control Officer
    Gary Wilson, State Animal Control Officer

Visit the following links for information that fall under the purview of the Bureau of Regulation and Inspection:

Agricultural Commodities: oversight of the regulations and statutes for manufacture and sales of animal feeds, pet foods, seeds, fertilizer, eggs, apples.

Agricultural Licensing Unit: license, registration and permitting.

Animal Control Unit: domestic animals, kennels, pet stores, animal bites, rabies.

Animal Health: testing and surveillance, information on programs

Animal Population Control Program: information on dog and cat spay/neuter programs, vaccinations, application to license dogs, the Connecticut vanity plate for vehicles known as the "pet" plate program and the feral cat grant program.

CT Animal Traceability System (CATS): USDA identification program for livestock.

Connecticut Hemp Program: implementation and oversight of the production and harvesting of Hemp in Connecticut.

Fruit and Vegetable Growers Inspection Programs: implementation and oversight of Food Safety Modernization Act and CT Good Agricultural Practi

Milk Safety: surveillance and testing, advisory, implementation of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).

    Milk Storage Recommendations: how to store milk products 

Rabies Manual: a guidance document for professionals

Small Poultry Processor Inspection Program Compliance Guide (.pdf): a guide for smaller producers wishing to process poultry.

    Poultry Slaughter Flow Chart  (.pdf): a visual depiction of poultry processing. 

State Veterinarian information on rabies, fairs and other items overseen by the State Veterinarian.

Voluntary Honey or Maple Syrup Producer Registration: Information on the agency's registration of sugarhouses and sugarhouses.

Voluntary Small Shell Egg Processing Plant Inspection Program Compliance Guide (.pdf): a document explaining how to operate a small shell egg operation and packing facility.

     Shell Egg Flow Chart (.pdf): a document showing the procedures followed in a small shell egg operation.

West Nile Virus: information about West Nile and programs for monitoring this disease spread by mosquitoes.