Office of the State Veterinarian

State Veterinarian- Jane Lewis, DVM, DACVPM

Livestock and poultry are inspected and tested to detect infectious and contagious diseases. The importation of healthy livestock, poultry and pet birds are regulated, and health certificates are issued for livestock and poultry destined for export. Intensive poultry farms must be registered with the Bureau and are regulated and inspected to maintain accepted environmental management practices.
herding sheepThe Office of the State Veterinarian acts as the official epidemiologist for animal and poultry diseases; coordinates state and federal governmental agencies and livestock producers to control diseases; and oversees and guides the development and management of disease control programs performed by the agency.

The Animal Health Division may be contacted at (860) 713-2505.

2023 CT Fair Health Requirements:

For information regarding animal health requirements for livestock and poultry to be exhibited during the 2023 fair and show season, please review the 2023 Connecticut Fair and Show RequirementsFor those that may exhibit animals in multiple New England states the New England States Animal Agricultural Security Alliance (NESAASA), have developed a new protocol to facilitate animal movement. If you are exhibiting in multiple New England states, please review the 2023 NE Fairs Shows CVI Requirements.

Reportable Disease In Connecticut:

Animal Movement Requirements:

Check List for Moving Sheep and Goats  (updated October 2021)