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Environmental Use Restrictions

The purpose of an Environmental Use Restriction (EUR) is to minimize the risk of human exposure to pollutants and hazards to the environment by preventing specific uses or activities at a property or a portion of a property.  There are two types of EUR, the Environmental Land Use restriction (ELUR) and Notice of Activity and Use Limitation (NAUL), both are recorded on the municipal land records.

Environmental Land Use Restrictions (ELUR) – forms, fees, and instructions

Notices of Activity and Use Limitation (NAUL) – forms, fees, and instructions

Emergency and Non-Emergency EUR Releases – allow for activities that are prohibited by EURs, such as excavation and utility work

Public Notice Requirements



March 2021 Remediation Roundtable Presentation (EUR presentation begins on slide 20)


Inspection reports shall be completed in compliance with Section 22a-133q-8 of the RCSA, shall be maintained by the parcel owner, and shall be provided to the Commissioner upon request.

Annual Inspection. Between April 1st and July 31st of each year, an annual inspection shall be conducted and within 30 days a report of such inspection shall be completed and signed by the owner of the parcel.

Five-Year Comprehensive Inspections. Between April 1st and September 30th beginning in the year 2025, the owner of the parcel shall retain an LEP to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Within 30 days, a report of such inspection shall be completed, signed and sealed by the LEP and signed by the owner of the parcel. An annual inspection is not required the year a five-year comprehensive inspection is conducted.

Commissioner Required Inspection. In addition, at any time, the Commissioner may require, in writing, that a comprehensive inspection be conducted within a time period specified by the Commissioner.

EUR Annual Inspection Form

EUR Five-Year Comprehensive Inspection Form *under construction*

Map Definitions:
Complete (green): EUR approved by Commissioner, EUR recorded on the municipal land records, and Certificate of Title on file at DEEP.
Incomplete (red): EUR approved by Commissioner, EUR may or may not be recorded on the municipal land records, and Certificate of Title not found on file at DEEP.  In order for the conditions of an EUR to be in force the EUR must be approved and recorded on the land records.
Advisory Notice: Search of the municipal land records should be conducted to confirm that an EUR is recorded and in force.  DEEP does not guarantee that this information is complete and/or free from erroneous entries.  This information is updated periodically and may not represent data currently available.
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