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Release-Based Cleanup Program Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are being asked for feedback on many items and concepts.  First, stakeholders provided feedback on the topics which subcommittees of the Working Group analyze and develop concept papers.  Such topical subcommittees seek public participation.  Meetings of the Working Group and Subcommittees are open to the public.  Concept papers recommended by the subcommittees and issued by the Working Group will be posted on this webpage and be available for public comment.

First Release-Based Working Group email

Second Release-Based Working Group email

Third Release-Based Working Group email

2/9/21 Working Group Presentation

3/9/21 Working Group Presentation

Fourth Release-Based Working Group email

Fifth Release-Based Working Group update

Sixth Release-Based Working Group email

Topical Subcommittee Concept Papers

Discovery of Historical Releases Concept Paper

Reporting Newly-Discovered Historical Releases Concept Paper

Characterization of a Discovered Historical Release Concept Paper

Immediate Removal Actions Concept Paper

Tiers Concept Paper

Concept Paper Public Comments Summary
DEEP Initial Response to Concept Papers
DEEP will work to draft regulations incorporating the concepts identified.  DECD and DEEP will continue to meet with the Working Group and when additional detail or discussion regarding a concept is needed, DEEP and DECD will work with the Working Group or subcommittees to obtain feedback, including additional detail or input on DEEP’s preferred approach.  DECD and DEEP continue to work in partnership with the Working Group and the public throughout this process and until the regulations implementing this program are adopted.

In addition, DECD and DEEP will continuously work with stakeholders groups to discuss and update the public on the status of this regulation adoption process.  The Commissioners of DEEP and DECD will seek opportunities to engage with a broad array of stakeholders. 

If you are interested in staying involved and up-to-date, please ensure that you are signed up for Remediation e-alerts so you can know when we post additional information on this topic.

Release-Based Clean Up Program Regulation Development

Content Last Updated July 28, 2021