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How to Catch Saltwater Fish

Striped Bass

Striped Bass

Habitat: Large rivers in spring and fall. Estuaries and bays in summer.

Fishing Method: Drifting with live bait. Jigging and trolling. Bottom fishing with live or dead bait. Casting to fish.

Baits and Lures: Live Bait: Menhaden, eels, shiners and sand worms. All types of swimming and diving lures, bucktail jigs, swimming baits.


Hickory Shad

Hickory Shad

Habitat: Estuaries, bays and lower sections of rivers and coves.

Fishing Method: Casting to fish. Drifting with the tide. Anchored over structure and channels.

Baits and Lures: Willowleaf, shard dart, kastmaster and small jigs with plastic bodies.



Summer Flounder (Fluke)

Habitat: Estuaries, bays and lower sections of rivers. Hard bottom and channels preferred.

Fishing Method: Bottom fishing. Drifting with bait. Jigging up and down. Casting to fish and slowly retrieving bait/lure.

Baits and Lures: Live/dead bait (bunker, herring, mummichogs, shiners and silversides), cut squid, baited jigs, rubber worms and plastic baits.



Scup (porgy)

Habitat: Estuaries and bays. Rock piles/reefs. Oyster and mussel beds. Pilings and jetties.

Fishing Method: Anchored over structure. Bottom fishing. Fishing with live or dead bait.

Baits and Lures: Squid, conch, sand worms, shrimp, night crawlers. Mussels and clams.


Content last updated March 2020