Proposed Changes to Fishing Regulations for 2022

The Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection, pursuant to Sections 4-168(a) and 22a-6 of the General Statutes of Connecticut, hereby gives notice of her intention to amend sections 26-112-39, 26-112-43, 26-112-44, 26-112-45, 26-112-46, and 26-112-48 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. These regulations will be adopted under authority of Sections 26-48a and 26-112 of the General Statutes.

The following information, documents, and links are provided to assist in public review of the proposed changes to the regulations for sport fishing within the inland district. All information is also available online via the eRegulations system 

Public Hearing

The public hearing was held on March 16, 2022; Time: 6:30 p.m

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Plain English Summary


The proposed amendments to the regulations will amend regulations concerning angler access in easement areas; fishing methods, creel and possession limits (culling, catch-and-release) and gear types (cast nets); closed fishing seasons, harvest regulations for certain species (trout, Kokanee Salmon), and Trout Management Lakes (one new waterbody added to list). Several minor and technical changes, corrections and updates are made.

Many of these proposals are intended to bring inland sport fishing regulations into compliance with, or to facilitate, provisions of Public Act 21-12 prohibiting closed fishing seasons for trout, while also maintaining and enhancing fishing opportunities throughout the state. These proposed regulations include provisions eliminating the closed fishing season for trout and all closed seasons specific to areas with the exception of several limited closures intended to protect fish health. Below is a summary of the proposed changes:

Section 1.  Updates provisions concerning behavior in easements/leased properties and provisions concerning use of state boat launches to conform with current boating regulations.

Section 2.  Eliminates the existing definition of closed season as a closure of an area to all fishing; establishes definitions and restrictions for “culling” and “cast nets”; and clarifies that an angler in the inland district may continue to fish (catch-and-release) once they reach their creel/possession limits.

Section 3.  Eliminates the current closed seasons at all lakes and ponds and for all rivers and streams (with exceptions for closures intended to protect fish health).

Section 4.  Amends trout seasons to conform with provisions of PA 21-12 prohibiting closed seasons for trout; revises statewide trout and kokanee creel limits (establishing a five fish limit for trout and a five fish limit for kokanee); and establishes a catch-and-release only requirement for trout and Kokanee during the proposed open season from March 1 to 6:00 a.m. on the second Saturday in April.

Section 5.  Updates provisions of several subsections to conform with provisions of sections 2, 3, and 4 concerning seasons, closed areas and trout creel limits; amends trout regulations at East Twin Lake to reflect increases in alewife populations; adds Long Pond to the list of Trout Management Lakes; and adds a new special management area (“tidal waters and tributaries”, formerly “rivers and streams open year-round” in sec. 26-112-44).

Section 6.  Eliminates the closed season at Quassapaug Lake; and establishes a prohibition on ice fishing at several lakes and ponds (Factory Pond, Lake Chamberlain, Lake Saltonstall, Maltby Lakes).

Additionally, there are several technical changes and updates.


All information is available online via the eRegulations system. The tracking number for this package is  PR2021-038

Plain English Summary

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