Temperate Basses (Moronidae)

Temperate basses silhouette.

The temperate basses are a small family of marine, anadromous and freshwater fishes, with most species native to North America and two occurring in marine waters of Europe and northern Africa. All North American members of the family are important gamefish, and some support significant commercial fisheries. Temperate basses have 2 unconnected or only slightly connected dorsal fins (1 spiny, 1 soft) and 1-2 small spines on the edge of the opercle. There are 3 anal spines. The pelvic fins are thoracic and have 1 spine and 5 rays. Two native species occur in Connecticut. 

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Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) - Native

Striped bass.


White Perch (Morone americana) - Native

22 cm white perch.


Members of this family can be kept in home aquariums with varying success. They tend to be non-aggressive and need mostly live or fresh food. See details under “Habits” for each species.


Text and images adapted from Jacobs, R. P., O'Donnell, E. B., and Connecticut DEEP. (2009). A Pictorial Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Connecticut. Hartford, CT. Available for purchase at the DEEP Store.