Sculpins (Cottidae)

Sculpins silhouette.

Sculpins are a large family with a worldwide distribution in marine and fresh waters. Sculpins have a flattened head, large frog-like mouth and eyes, a scaleless body, and large fan-shaped pectoral fins. They have two closely-spaced dorsal fins (one spiny, one soft), thoracic pelvic fins, a rounded tail fin and no anal spines. Two freshwater species exist in Connecticut, one native and one recently introduced.

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Slimy Sculpin (Cottus cognatus) - Native

8 cm slimy sculpin in a tank.


Knobfin Sculpin (Cottus Immaculatus) - Introduced

Large knobfin sculpin caught during stream survey.

Text and images adapted from Jacobs, R. P., O'Donnell, E. B., and Connecticut DEEP. (2009). A Pictorial Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Connecticut. Hartford, CT. Available for purchase at the DEEP Store.