Pupfishes (Cyprinodontidae)

Pupfish silhouette.

The pupfishes and killifishes are very similar and were once included in the same family. Like killifishes, pupfishes are small (generally less than 4 inches) and have a small, distinctively shaped, upturned mouth; however, they are much thicker-bodied. They have a single soft dorsal fin, a square tail and abdominal pelvic fins.

There is one native species of pupfish in Connecticut.

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Sheepshead Minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus) - Introduced

Sheepshead minnow.


Text and images adapted from Jacobs, R. P., O'Donnell, E. B., and Connecticut DEEP. (2009). A Pictorial Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Connecticut. Hartford, CT. Available for purchase at the DEEP Store.