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YOUth Fishing Passport: Your ticket to great fishing activities and giveaways in Connecticut 

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If you are under 16 years of age, get your YOUth Fishing Passport now!

  • It's free!

  • Fishing Challenge - Try to catch at least one of every type of fish on the official list.  Catch the most and be recognized at the Annual Trophy Fish Award Ceremony.

If you are re-newing your passport, please use the "returning customer" and log in with birth date and Conservation ID (found on the passport)

If you are a first time passport holder, please use the "new customer" only enter fields that are required "*"


The YOUth Fishing Passport is your invitation to many great fishing destinations in Connecticut.  By registering for free in the CT DEEP Online Sportsmen Licensing System you will be issued a lifetime Conservation ID number and be able to print your Passport.  Passport holders will have the opportunity to participate in fishing activities specifically designed for them.  In addition, passport holders may receive a variety of benefits from supporting organizations and participating stores.

Fishing information for you:

Fishing Guide a quick summary of the rules and regulations

CT is Fishy! an interactive guide to places to fish, types of fish, and more

Learn to Fish videos on DEEP's YouTube Channel

Other related information about the Youth Fishing Passport:

Sponsors - View our supporters and their offers to YOUth Fishing Passport holders.

Frequently Asked Questions - Learn more about the YOUth Fishing Passport.

Learn to Fish With CARE:


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Content last updated October 2021