Mobile Manufactured Home Advisory Council

Council Members
  • Elizabeth Burdick, Town Planner, Chairperson
  • Mark Asnes, Mobile Home Park Owner
  • Joseph B. Castonguay, CT Real Estate Commission Member
  • Jennifer Ponte, Department of Housing Representative
  • Raphael L. Podolsky, Attorney at Law
  • Colette Slover, CT Housing Finance Authority  
  • Marcia Stemm, Mobile Home Park Owner                
  • Mark Berkowitz, Mobile Home Park Owner
  • Myriam  Clarkson, Mobile Home Industry Representative
  • Arthur Mazeau, Mobile Home Park Tenant or Representative of Tenant
  • David Delohery, Mobile Home Park Tenant or Representative of Tenant
  • Al Hricz, Senior Citizen, Public Member

Next Meeting


December 6


  2024 Current Scheduled Board Meetings

February 27
May 28
August 27
December 3

Meeting Video Recordings