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Department of Consumer Protection
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901
Hartford, Connecticut  06103-1840

Parking (with fee) available on the street, or at Morgan Street Garage

Main Line
(860) 713-6100
Consumer Complaint Center 
(860) 713-6300 
Toll Free:
(800) 842-2649
LIVE CHAT with us during regular business hours
Licensing see specific Divisions below
Document Drop-Off
(Walk-In Center Drop Box)
Completed applications may be dropped off for processing. While some forms are available onsite, we recommend printing them in advance.

Access to the drop box available 8:30am-4:30pm
 Media Inquiries
Department Divisions
Bryan T. Cafferelli, Commissioner -
Erin Walsh, Executive Secretary - 
Division Phone: (860) 713-6050
Fax: (860) 706-1203
Office of the Commissioner 
  (860) 713-6050
Deputy Commissioner Maureen Magnan
Deputy Commissioner Shirley Skyers-Thomas
Chief of Education and Outreach Catherine Blinder  (860) 713-6021
Director of Operations Jason Cohen
Communications Director Kaitlyn Krasselt
 (860) 713-6019
Administrative Office  
(860) 713-6040
Fax: (860) 706-1206
Supervisor Sonya Mathis
  Jimmie Kendall
  Carolann Lanier
  Gina Perusse
  Faith Smith
  Kristen Andreas
Legal Division  
(860) 713-6085 
Fax: (860) 706-1205
Agency Director Julianne Avallone
Administrative Assistant Robin Tefft
  Zachary Alexander

Assistant Director Paulette Annon
  Michael Ando
  Cat Arsenault 
  Ashley Baylock-Kawecki
  Vicky Bullock
  Abigail Carrier

  Katrina Cessna
  Kathleen Coss
State Program Director David Cousins
  Julie Datres 
  Cynthia Fernandez
  Lynn Fiore
  Shameeka Grose-Orr
  France Lee
  Rasheda Lockett
  Scott Madeo
  Jennifer Magyar
  Patricia Marealle
  Anna Martinez
State Program Director Lila McKinley
  Jerry Padula
  Nikeda Parkes
  Myrna Rodriguez
  Agnieszka Salek
  Tasha Scotland
  Marion Slater
  Alyssa Torres
  Tanya Washington
Lemon Law Program   (860) 713-6120
(800) 538-CARS (2277)
State Project Manager - Lemon Law Timothy Clark
Guaranty Funds


Jason Cohen, Director -

Technical Systems (IT)       
Supervisor Marc Tate 
Jose Baez
  Long Le 
  Arsenio Martinez
  Viseth Lay
  Alex Thongsythavong
Complaint Center  
(860) 713-6300 or
1-800-842-2649 toll-free
Fax: (860) 707-1966
Director Jason Cohen
  Lillie Myers
Lead Consumer Information Representative Robert Brancato
Lead Consumer Information Representative
Laura Edwards
  Nadira Breault
  Lauren Cheney
  Doris Gallaher
  Angie Martinez
  Corinne Nocida
  Erica Scarlett-Black 
  Yeida Soto
Board Coordinator Rachelle Hyburg
Real Estate/Appraisal Compliance
Real Estate Compliance
Real Estate Education 
Real Estate Appraisal Compliance & Education

Real Estate Examiner/Investigations Jill Conklin 860-713-6151
Real Estate Examiner/Investigations Warouny (Mimi) Suharat-Long  860-918-7432
Real Estate Appraisal Examiner/Investigations Deborah Yanosy
Rodrick Marriott, Director -
Emily Perkins, Administrative Assistant -

LIVE CHAT with us during regular business hours

Division Phone: (860) 713-6065
Fax: (860) 706-1207
Data Stewardship      
State Program Manager Steven Wolf
Compliance and Enforcement   (860) 713-6065
Principal Drug Control Agent Thomas Baran
Principal Drug Control Agent Adam Jankowski
Principal Drug Control Agent Michelle Ladegard
Principal Drug Control Agent Sharon Paluba
Principal Drug Control Agent Troy Ruff
Principal Drug Control Agent David Slomski
Principal Drug Control Agent Michelle Sylvestre
  Gina Abdelghany
  Melissa Antarsh
  Rachel Brown
  Daniel Carpenter
  Monika Croteau
  Algis Domeika
  Lucrezia Finegan
  Maryjo Gallo
  Colleen Goosen
  Cedrick Hardy
  Ania Jankowski
  Robert Jansing
  Pamela Jones
  Annie King
  Marek Kolodziej
  Astha Maltare
  Lisa Meijer
  Jason Ostrosky
  Michael Riveccio
  Khrystyna Rudyk
  Erin Ruff
  Christopher Weimer
  Kaitlyn Wilhelm
Commission of Pharmacy   (860) 713-6070
Board Administrator Gina Samples
Prescription Monitoring Program   (860) 713-6073
Health Program Supervisor Scott Szalkiewicz     
  Luis Arroyo

Donna Damon
  Debora Jones
  Valerie Maignan
Medical Marijuana Program Fax: 860-706-5361
(860) 713-6066
Health Program Supervisor Xaviel Soto
  Tiffany Araujo
  Peter Krzykowski
  Bao Nguyen
  Tina Tyson 
  Elga Cotto
Adult-Use Cannabis Program
Adult-Use Cannabis Licensing
State Program Manager Jennifer Mandzuk 
State Program Manager Diana Shaw
Health Program Supervisor Samantha Allard
Licensing Supervisor Russ Wininger
Frank Greene, Director -
Marcia Christie, Division Secretary -
(860) 713-6161
LIVE CHAT with us during normal business hours
Division Phone: (860) 713-6160
Fax: (860) 706-1209
Food Program   (860) 713-6160  
 Supervisor Jenna Nicol (860) 713-6163
 Supervisor Virginia Veneziano (860) 713-6183 
  Amanda David
(860) 713-6222
  Jackie Espinet
Keara Hickey
(860) 713-6187
Zoe Joslyn (860) 713-6191
  Melissa Miller

Monica Robotin
(860) 713-6195

Kristen Conway
(860) 713-6194
Weights and Measures Program   (860) 713-6160  
Supervisor Joseph A. Giliberto (860) 713-6174
  Daniel Adcock (860) 999-3117
  Ion Daha (860) 713-6197

Daryl Owens  (860) 713-6182
  Willam Timko (860) 713-6181
  Shay Tubbs (860) 713-6189
  Luigi Zavarella (860) 999-3127


Product Safety and Upholstered Furniture Compliance
  Vincent Pugliese (860) 713-6122
  Christopher Beaulieu (860) 713-6160
Metrology Laboratory  
(860) 713-6165
Fax: (860) 706-1236
Kristofer Gilman, Director
(860) 713-6303

Candida Daigle, Administrative Assistant 

(860) 713-6307

Division Phone: (860) 713-6310
Fax: (860) 707-1965

Note: E-mail is the preferred method of contact

State Program Manager Tammy Kreyer
Research Analyst Jennifer Rector
Special Investigator Jeff Hakala 
Special Investigator Robert Tacinelli
Foxwoods Casino      
Gaming Regulation Supervisor Randy Brule
(860) 312-3188
Gaming Regulation Officer  Stephanie Czerczak
Gaming Regulation Officer 
Jahmar Davis 
Gaming Regulation Officer Kristopher Coombs
Gaming Regulation Officer Gregory Evans
Gaming Regulation Officer Toni Owens
Gaming Regulation Officer Kyle Aruda 
Mohegan Sun Casino      
Gaming Regulation Supervisor Troy Reynolds (860) 862-8477
Gaming Regulation Officer Suzanne M. Fenner
Gaming Regulation Officer Lisa Lewis
Gaming Regulation Officer
Charles Brown
Gaming Regulation Officer
Julia Hoffner
Casino Licensing
License & Applications Supervisor
Joseph Peplau
License & Applications Analyst
Elsie Rolon
License & Applications Analyst Ann Marie Tellerico
License & Applications Analyst
Jude Rojas 
License & Applications Analyst Joi McKay
License & Applications Analyst Celeste Howell
Processing Technician
Darlene Arter
Gaming Regulation Supervisor Jessica DeGrosse (860) 713-6318
Gaming Regulation Supervisor Viola Pietrandrea (860) 713-6004 
Gaming Regulation Officer James Bernard
Gaming Regulation Officer Atanu Ahmed 
Gaming Regulation Officer Louis Tobias  
Gaming Regulation Officer Paul Pellegrino
Gaming Regulation Officer Scott MacGregor
Gaming Regulation Officer Frederico Felix

Lottery Drawing Officer

Nicole Chachakis

Lottery Drawing Officer

Stephen Fetera

Lottery Drawing Officer

Kim Snow

Lottery Auditing
Supervising Accounts Examiner Aisha Hudson (860) 713-6331
Associate Accounts Examiner Erin O'Keefe 
Accounts Examiner Jordyn Styles
Accounts Examiner Jessica Lam
Associate Accounts Examiner  Kristina Corbett 
Sports Wagering/iCasino/Fantasy Sports
Gaming Regulation Supervisor Walter Wilkowski (860) 713-6304
Gaming Regulation Officer
Ryan Kelsey
Gaming Regulation Officer Ed Martocchio

Gaming Regulation Officer  Greg Martin 
Gaming Regulation Officer Kevin Wilbur
Gaming Regulation Officer
Jonathan Block
Gaming Regulation Officer  Matthew Genua
Casino/Sports Wagering/iCasino/Fantasy Sports Auditing      
Supervising Accounts Examiner Owen Walsh
Associate Accounts Examiner
Karamelahi Shafique 
Accounts Examiner
Mai Pham 
License & Applications Analyst Bibi Ali 
License & Applications Analyst Juan Restrepo 
Accounting Career Trainee Zhe (Brooke) Zhang
Lead Investigator
James Jepsen (860) 713-6284
Glenn Iacovetti 
Investigator Suzanne Laiuppa
Pamela Brown, Director -
John Mesner, Occupational Trades Manager -
Erika Stabile, Administrative Assistant -
Aliena Busgith, Office Assistant -
Division Phone: (860) 713-6180 - LIVE CHAT with us during regular business hours
Division Email -
Division Fax: (860) 706-1201
Inspection Aide Shambre Bentley
Inspection Aide Sabrina Morelli
Associate Accountants Examiner Michele McGinley
Charities and Board of Accountancy Examination Tiffany Colon
  Tymina Follins 
Frauds Unit      
Supervising Special Investigator Anita Battle
  Andrew Barton
  Shawn Bolden
  Linda Romano 
  Therese Roos 

Occupational and Professional Unit
Supervising Special Investigator Janita Hamel
  Christopher Bowman
  Roger Guild
  Keith Lombardi
  Matthew Sargeant
  Ernest Thigpen
  Glenn McLellan
  Michael Noli
Home Improvement Unit      
Supervising Special Investigator Robert Pero
  Mark Allen
  Cheryl Bradley
  Patrick Cassidy
  Brian Ferguson
  Jesus Yllescas


Michael Elliott, Director -
Cynthia Clavette, State Program Manager -                                                                                 
Division Phone: (860) 713-6000 
Fax: (860) 706-1200
License Services 
Home Improvement
Liquor Brands
Lottery/Off-Track Betting     (860) 713-6270  
Professional Licensing
Public Charities
Trade Licensing
Supervisor James Schmitt
  John’Nae Allen-Davis  


  Michelle Anderson  
  John Carragher 
  Nancy Corriveau
  Elizabeth Cotter
  Jose Cotto, Jr.
  Angelica Dominquez 
  Kimberly Fontaine
  Ellie Frankinburger 
  Jane Hardy
  Kimberly Helaire
  Karen Layman
  Kristin Mesick
  Maritsa Morales
  Venice Nelson
  Lindsey Petralito 

  Marguerite Poisson  
  Terry-Jo Powell
  Theresa Rovillo
  Maxine Stewart
M. Caitlin Anderson, Director -
Direct Line: (860) 713-6064

Richard Mindek, Liquor Licensing Manager - 
Direct Line: (860) 713-6229

Division Licensing and Applications Phone: (860) 713-6200
Division Inspections/Enforcement Phone: (860) 713-6210 
Division E-Mail:
Division Fax: (860) 706-1208  
Licensing and Applications   (860) 713-6200 
License Specialist 
Julia Imperato 
License Analyst Kevin Victoriano
  Georgia Pearson 
Inspections and Enforcement    (860) 713-6210  
Supervising Liquor Control Agent  Kevin Mercado
Supervising Liquor Control Agent Jennifer Sturgeon
Supervising Liquor Control Agent Robert Willard
  Philip Colla 
  Brendan Day 
  Richard Fedor 
  Jason Fiorillo 
  Erik Gagne 
  Michelle Gillard-Paradis 
  Banlang "Keko" Keokoummane 
  Michael Kula
  Jenel Lanuza
  Jaci Lewis

Kristin Lindstrom 

Priscilla Melecio

  Ken Takahashi