Mobile Manufactured Homes

The Department of Consumer Protection inspects and licenses mobile manufactured home parks, investigates complaints from park residents, and enforces Connecticut's laws and regulations regarding parks.

The Mobile Manufactured Home Advisory Council operates under the auspices of the Department. The advisory council's role is set forth by statute and includes monitoring the implementation of laws and regulations, promoting broader use of mobile manufactured homes as affordable housing, and studying other issues related to mobile manufactured homes. 


Mobile manufactured home park owners are required by section 21-70 of the Connecticut General Statutes to provide a Disclosure Statement to prospective park residents before the first rental agreement is signed.  The Department encourages park owners to provide a copy of the disclosure statement to prospective residents as soon as they become aware of a potential or pending sale of a home in their park.


Prospective mobile manufactures home park residents should request a copy of the disclosure statement and read it carefully before entering into an agreement with the seller to purchase a mobile manufactured home in a park.

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