Licensing for Mobile Manufactured Homes

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Mobile Manufactured Home Park License:


All mobile manufactured home park licenses expire annually on December 31st. Renewal fee: is based on the number of spaces within the park (refer to application).

Mobile Manufactured Home Seller License:


All mobile manufactured home seller licenses expire annually on December 31st.  Renewal fee: $375.00

Other Information:

Disclosure Statement

Mobile manufactured home park owners are required by section 21-70 of the Connecticut General Statutes to provide a Disclosure Statement to prospective park residents before the first rental agreement is signed.  The Department encourages park owners to provide a copy of the disclosure statement to prospective residents as soon as they become aware of a potential or pending sale of a home in their park.


Prospective mobile manufactures home park residents should request a copy of the disclosure statement and read it carefully before entering into an agreement with the seller to purchase a mobile manufactured home in a park.