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Please be advised that due to precautions still being taken to protect our staff, there may be a delay in reviewing all liquor applications which are received by regular mail, including express mail.   You may drop off applications at the ground level (G-3) Department of Consumer Protection mail slot.  We have limited staff on site, if any, and in-person conferences and meetings are still being significantly impacted.  Please do not attempt to enter the building and meet with our staff unless and until you have a confirmed appointment with a specific person.
  If you have questions concerning your permit application and its status, please verify it online at using your assigned credential number. Our general telephone number is (860) 713-6200.  You may leave a message and our staff will respond.  There may be a delay.  Please provide a name and return phone number and a general description on the nature of your inquiry. Email inquiries, including complaints, may also be sent to Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we move forward together in this challenging atmosphere. Sincerely, Director M. Caitlin Anderson
The Department of Consumer Protection safeguards the health and safety of Connecticut citizens by regulating all persons and firms involved in distributing, selling, and dispensing alcoholic liquor in order to prevent sales to minors and intoxicated persons, maintain product integrity, and ensure that licensed premises are safe and sanitary.
Through the Liquor Control Division, the Department enforces the Connecticut Liquor Control Act and its corresponding regulations. The Division is the primary investigative arm of the Connecticut Liquor Control Commission.

Liquor Control Agents regularly provide training to local and state police officers about enforcement of the Liquor Control Act and on strategies that discourage underage drinking. 

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