Latest News from the Liquor Control Division

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  • Rules for Discounted Items: Connecticut General Statutes Section 30-68m, as amended by Public Act 12-17, allows the holder of a package store permit, grocery store beer permit, or druggist liquor permit to sell one beer item or one item of alcoholic liquor below cost each month, provided that item is not discounted more than 10%.  (To view current discounts, see bulleted items, above.)
Retailers who choose to discount one beer item or alcoholic liquor product must use the DCP online electronic posting system, Liquor Monthly Discounted Items for Retailers. ( ) If you are a permittee and need to create an account, and would like some assistance, please select this link for video instructionFollow the screen prompts to post your item. Post only one discounted price per month, after the 20th day of the preceding month and before the end of the 2nd day of the month in which the discounted price will be in effect. Do not send postings of discounted items to the Department of Consumer Protection by regular mail or by facsimile as they will not be accepted.  You must use the online posting system.