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Commissioner's Message

Commissioner October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

What started in 1981 as a "Day of Unity" has now evolved into a month-long series of events across the country celebrating the strength and resilience of survivors and drawing attention to the services available throughout communities.

This month's "Spotlight on What's Right" puts focus on two families where domestic violence has been present. The stories demonstrate how the collaborative efforts between CTDCF and community partners leads to the empowerment and support of families.

Survivors of domestic violence can be empowered to reclaim their lives.  Often, this requires help and always requires empathy and strength. The examples are all around us. DV Ribbon

“A whole new life has been given to me and I am fiercely protective of it”. Words from a Mother of four children who is now living a life filled with the joys of having her children surround her. Read about her journey and see the connections she made with the Family Based Recovery (FBR) program thru Community Mental Health Affiliates (CMHA). I have been so proud to personally watch the FBR model evolve through the Family Stability Project. This model strengthens families and redefines recovery.

A fundamental value of the Department is the belief that individuals can change - including those who harm others. It is understood that those who commit violent acts often have experienced violence themselves. Without supports, the cycle of violence will be passed onto the next generation. This dynamic is illustrated in another story where a Father prone to excessive drinking and violence, beginning in his childhood home, benefitted so greatly from a program entitled, "Fathers for Change" a component of the IPV-FAIR program.

HandsWhat was the end result? A man who has learned alternative coping strategies and a family that has a new version of love for him. Most importantly, the children see their Father's efforts … "I am proud you are my Dad"…enough said.