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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Powerful Pic

The profound connection to the children we serve is captured in this photograph of Social Worker, Sylquia Rodriguez.  It tells a story…of dedication and … commitment.  Sylquia's visit to this home reflects not only a tender moment but is a testament to our innate abilities to work within barriers of social distancing; ensuring that those we care about, feel our presence.


The efforts of the DCF workforce are beyond simple tasks or just a job.  Our work is a calling. The impact we have on others is immeasurable. This photo has been my pandemic screen saver -- a daily reminder of the privilege I have leading all of you through these unparalleled times!!!


Your actions exemplify a fundamental belief of our Department that children are best served when being raised in families - preferably their own. Removal is the last option.  In fact, in over 91.5% of the time the Department becomes involved, with supportive services, families remain intact.


Given the perils of substance misuse, untreated mental health issues, and intimate partner violence; unmitigated safety factors may lead to a child's removal.


Then what? Children should not spend one day longer in out of home care than is necessary to keep them safe.


Perhaps it is in the next set of actions which are the heart and soul of our work - Reunification becomes the goal and the focus of our efforts. The coronavirus' impact on permanency will be felt for quite some time. What can we do to change that trajectory?


June is Reunification Month. Not widely acknowledged, the process of reunification takes into account resilience, strength, change and protective parental capacity.


Over the past 18 months, the Department has reunified almost 1,000 children.


This newsletter highlights four stories of reunification; two of which occurred during the pandemic. You will read about the engagement skills of our staff; trust developed between workers and families and overall - a belief in the individuals for whom we work.


Two of the stories pertain to reunification with Fathers, including one who will have his son with him for the first time, on Father's Day this Sunday!    As a self-proclaimed Daddy's Girl, Happy Father's Day to all Fathers and Father figures -


In celebration of Reunification month -- WHO'S NEXT???