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Richardo's "Village" -THe Team who Assisted with his Adoption

Central Office (CO) and Subsidy Unit:
  • Paul Gressly, Children Service Consultant- reviewed Subsidy packet quickly and sent to Program Supervisor for review and approval
  • Lori Franceschini, reviewed, signed and approved the adoption paperwork for the subsidy
  • Lynn Herbert- Subsidy legal review of paperwork
DCF Staff:
Office Assistants:
  • Alice Olechinowick, - completed all of the paperwork, made changes, stayed late to get the paperwork corrected and sent to the AAG
  • Martha Fiocco (no longer at our office), Assisted with notarizing paperwork
  • Holly Jacquemin,OA,  notarized  final paperwork and forwarded to me so we can send to Jeanette
  • Heather Russo, OA, Gathered all of the original paperwork today that the Court requested and got it to the front security for Bettina (Social Work Case Aid)to pick up
  • Francine Hoft, OA--From the beginning, when we were trying to serve the biological father per Court Order for a "process server" in Puerto Rico, Francine worked tirelessly to getting this information on how to go about doing this plus preparing paperwork.
  •  Bettina Lang-Sali - brought paperwork to Bridgeport and waited for it, took a picture of the Adoption Decree to send to Ms. Dubois and Ricardo
Social Work Supervisors:
  • Mark Williams - Support throughout the process
    Luti Vica- Assigned Case Aid immediately and got a case aide assigned to bring adoption paperwork to Bridgeport
  • Michele Kaczmarek - Oversaw the unit and supported the staff
  • Joe Ryan - Signed adoption paperwork
  • Carla Perrella - Assisted with having SWS find a case aid to assist with driving paperwork to Bridgeport Court
  • Albert Oneto, child's attorney-supported and approved the adoption
  • Kim Mathias - overseeing and assisting to having Ricardo's name corrected in Court for adoption purposes
  • Jeanet Laskos - reviewed adoption, communicated with Bridgeport Court, clerk regarding the situation and advocated for this ADOLESCENTS ADOPTION
  • Renee Bollier and Jessica Gauvin - assisted Jeanet with getting this to move forward in Bridgeport Juvenile Court
  • Mindy Solomon and her workers Myra and Alexis (Alexis is no longer at FCA) for being a constant presence in Ricardo's life.

We also thank the Judicial Department for this collaborative effort.