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Commissioner's Holiday Message

Home for the HolidaysHappy Holidays to you and your families!


Whether it’s the Celebration of Lights (Hanukkah), Celebration of Christ's birth (Christmas), or the annual celebration of African American life (Kwanzaa), or extended through to the 12th Day of Christmas El Día de los Reyes (Three Kings Day), other observances, or no formal celebration at all, 2020 is a year we will  ALWAYS remember.


For me, this season is the most wonderful time of the year! Those words could not be more relevant for the stories that we are featuring in this month's Spotlight on What's Right newsletter.


2020 has brought the pandemic, economic insecurity, and racial unrest in our communities across the country. Yet, families are resilient; they are strong and when offered equitable supports, children have remained safely at home or found a permanent home during these otherwise uncertain times.


"Home for the Holidays"


What do Heavyn, Willsy and Isaiah all have in common? They are home for the holidays.


One little girl never left her mother's side and while CT DCF provided in-home supports, the family remained in-tact.


Another little 11-year-old girl will be home with her family, almost 5,000 miles from Connecticut in Ghana, west Africa after being reunified with her mother.


Read also about Isaiah, who was adopted on Adoption Day. He benefits greatly from his permanent home while also maintaining contact with his birth mother - He is surrounded by so many adults who love and nurture him.


What do Laura Thompson, Courtney White and Brittany Roberts have in common? They are the CT DCF staff who believe in the power of our families. They believed in a family's capacity to work through adversity. These staff members show us the outcomes of positive engagement, collaboration and teamwork.


Now……………… I have a huge assignment for all of you in the next couple of weeks.


Please take some time for yourself to reflect on your 2020 accomplishments….


The families you have helped


Core ValuesThe children whose lives you have improved


Know you have touched so many lives and will impact so many more in the future-- because when the circumstances of the world got tough… We got tougher to strengthen families.


I cannot thank you enough for all you do each day for the children and families that we serve!


We will get through the Holidays and the end of 2020 TOGETHER!