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Greetings from Region 4

Since November of 2013 I have had the honor of serving as the Regional Administrator for Region 4, Hartford/Manchester.   As the Region serving the largest number of children and families in the State we are proud of our diverse and dedicated workforce who strive every day to meet the needs of those we encounter.  Our work takes us to 23 cities, towns and communities and it is there that our family-centered, strength-based approach to the work seeks to improve well-being of children and families.  We do not do this work alone.  It is in partnership with parents, communities and providers all of whom are invested in the mission of our Department…. ensuring children grow up healthy, safe, smart and strong.

The Department is in the process of a system transformation and over the past 3 years Region 4 has worked extremely hard to implement many of the practice changes aimed at improving our work.  It is our hope that this website will provide you with all the information needed to understand the direction we are headed in and to see the progress we are making.

We are open to feedback and always available to answer questions or concerns.   Thank you for taking the time to view this message and I look forward to continuing to lead this great Region and in serving the children and families who reside within our catchment area.  If you have questions, please fee free to call the Regional Administrator at 860-418-8312.


Contact Us:  If you have any questions or are interested in joining the RAC, please contact Wayne Johnson or Beth Landolina

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