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State of Connecticut Joint Information Center Resources

12 Things States Need to Know about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) (2-16-21)

A Guide to COVID-19 Testing for Patients

A vaccination update from The Northeast District Department of Health

CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Update (12-8-21)

CDC Topline Key Points: COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Update (2-16-21)

COVID-19 and the Black Community Town Hall Event

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ Infographic (2-3-21)

COVID-19 Vaccine Biweekly Update (2-1-21)


COVID-19 Response Support Summary for Long Term Care Facilities

COVID-19 Vaccine Biweekly Update (12-23-20)

COVID Vaccine Social Listening Report (1-28-21)

COVID Vaccine Social Listening Report (1-27-21)

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Launches Adult Crisis Telephone Intervention and Options Network

DPH Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine (1-18-21)

DPH COVID Questions (1-18-21) - English
     DPH COVID Questions (1-31-21) - Haitian Creole
     DPH COVID Questions (1-31-21) - Polish
     DPH COVID Questions (1-18-21) - Portuguese
     DPH COVID Questions (1-31-21) - Spanish

DPH COVID-19 Vaccine: Facts You Need to Know  (2-9-21)

Emergency Support Function 15 Operational Plan

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FEMA Funding Opportunities (5-14-21)

FEMA Funeral White Flyer | Blue Flyer

FEMA Funds Community Engagement for COVID-19 Vaccinations

FEMA Region I COVID-19 Vaccine Equity and Disability Stakeholder Roundtable  (3-15-21)

FEMA Hosts Webinar on Funding for Community Engagement About COVID-19 Vaccinations

Frequently Asked Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine (3-17-21)

General Youth Vaccine Message  English   Spanish

Governmental actions to address COVID‑19 misinformation (2-9-21)

Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake among Members of Racial and Ethnic Minority Communities: A Guide for Developing, Implementing, and Monitoring Community-Driven Strategies

Interim Considerations for End-of-Year School Events Spring 2021

Key Messages & Q&A for Partners – v-safe (3-10-21)  Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese

Misinformation about COVID-19: evidence for differential latent profiles and a strong association with trust in science (2-9-21)

National Forum on COVID-19 Vaccine (2-12-21)

Parent to Parent:  A Community conversation with your State Representative, Representative Napoli (3-10-21)

Phase 1a Eligibility

Professional Opportunities Series Flyer (January 2021)

Region 1 Health & Social Services Recovery Forum Event:  “COVID Impacts and Healthcare Recovery Moving Forward” (6-4-21)

SAVE THE DATE! When Ends Don’t Meet: Supporting ALICE Households Post-Pandemic and Beyond (4-22-21)

Step It Up Flyer - Spanish Version

Preparing for a Successful Telehealth Visit  English  Spanish (3-11-21)

The Anti-Vaxx Playbook (2-9-21)

The COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Black Youth

The COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Latino Youth and Families  English   Spanish

The COVID-19 Vaccine Information Native American Youth

The First Nursing Home COVID-19 Vaccines Are a Milestone Achievement and Cause for Optimism

UniteCT PR Products and Resources Checklist  English   Portuguese   Spanish

VA COVID-19 Walk-in Vaccine Clinic Sunday, April 11 from 8am-3:30pm  (4-6-21)

Weaponized Health Communication: Twitter Bots and Russian Trolls Amplify the Vaccine Debate  (2-9-21)

What's your Next? March 31, 2021 Event