NOTICE: May is Foster Care Month! Listen to DCF's Theme Song

MISSION:  Working together with families and communities for children who are healthy, safe, smart and strong.
SEVEN CROSS-CUTTING THEMES:  The following cross-cutting themes shall guide all DCF operational units in advancing the mission and strategies of the agency:
  1. implementing strength-based family policy, practice and programs;
  2. applying the neuroscience of early childhood and adolescent development;
  3. expanding trauma-informed practice and culture;
  4. addressing racial inequities in all areas of our practice;
  5. building new community and agency partnerships;
  6. improving leadership, management, supervision and accountability; and
  7. becoming a learning organization.
DCF STRATEGIES:  Informed by the seven cross-cutting themes, DCF shall implement the following strategies to advance the well-being of children and their families in accordance with the DCF mission:
  1. increase investment in prevention, health promotion, early intervention and educational success;
  2. strengthen family-centered practice;
  3. expand regional networks of in-home and community services;
  4. continue congregate care rightsizing and redesign;
  5. address the needs of identified populations of children and families;
  6. increase DCF and community partnerships;
  7. support the public and private sector workforce;
  8. manage ongoing DCF operations and change initiatives; and
  9. improve revenue maximization and develop new investment resources.