Organizational Values

Our strategy is about what we aim to do, but it is just as important to me to set the aspiration for how we will work to achieve our goals.  To this end, Commissioner Dorantes aims to lead an agency that works with purposeful pride and passion for practice and people.


This means:

  • We work with purpose – we each believe in the vision, and we each know how we can contribute to it

  • We work with pride – we publicly advocate for the good work we do

  • We work with passion – we see this line of work as more than a job; we see it as a calling

  • We prioritize practice - we deliver high quality in what we do

  • We prioritize people – we see the humanity in everyone, and work to bring out the best in colleagues and the families and children we serve

Organizational Strategy
Our overall strategy as an agency is to partner with communities and empower families, to raise resilient children who thrive, based on five bold strategic goals (see below). These goals have been fine-tuned to focus our direction. As part of a larger child welfare system, we will work in partnership to ensure a holistic understanding of what children and families deserve from us. We have listened to the feedback received thus far & are visualizing our strategic goals as circular – all feeding each other and into the agency’s central vision.

Agency Strategy July 2019