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Petition No. 1314 New Milford

PETITION NO. 1314 – The Connecticut Light and Power Company d/b/a Eversource Energy petition for a declaratory ruling that no Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need is required for the proposed 1555 Line Rebuild Project consisting of the structure and conductor replacements on its existing 115-kilovolt electric transmission line extending approximately 6.6 miles within existing Eversource electric transmission line right-of-way between the existing Bulls Bridge Substation located at 781 Kent Road and the existing Rocky River Junction located off Boardman Road in New Milford, Connecticut.


Filing Received, 6/30/2017


Council Letter to the Town of New Milford, 7/5/2017

Interrogatories Set One, 7/24/2017

Field Inspection Memorandum, 7/26/2017


Response to Interrogatories, 8/7/2017

Interrogatories Set Two, 8/14/2017

Response to Interrogatories Set Two, 8/21/2017


Council Decision and Staff Report, 8/31/2017

Compliance with Condition No. 2 and CSC Approval, 9/8/2017

Semi-annual Status of Construction Report, 12/21/17

Eversource Request for Amendment to Petition, 02/15/18

Council Decision on Request for Amendment to Petition, 2/20/18

Semi-Annual Status of Construction Report, 06/26/18

Eversource Second Request for Amendment to Petition, 9/28/18

Council Decision on Second Request for Amendment to Petition, 10/2/18

Semi-Annual Status of Construction Report, 12/20/18

Eversource Third Request for Amendment to Petition, 2/21/19

Council Decision on Third Request for Amendment to Petition, 2/26/19

Petitioner's Request for Extended Work Hours with Council Decision, 4/9/19

Petitioner's Request for Minor Project Change with Council Decision, 5/23/19

Semi-Annual Construction Status Report-Construction Complete, 6/18/19

Construction Completion Letter, 12/17/19

Council Acknowledgement of Condition Compliance, 12/27/19