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PETITION NO. 1221 -Windham Solar LLC petition for a declaratory ruling that no Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need is required for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of two 1.0 Megawatt and one 1.5 Megawatt Solar Photovoltaic Electric Generating facilities located at 91 Plainfield Pike Road, Plainfield, Connecticut.

Petition Filing

Field Review

Set One Interrogatories

   >Interrogatory Responses 04/29/16

Set Date for Decision Letter, 05/13/16

Set Two Interrogatories

   >Interrogatory Responses 06/21/2016

Decision and Staff Report, 07/25/16 (denial)

Motion to Re-open Petition No. 1221, 10/31/17

Petition Reopening Memorandum, 11/6/17

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' (ACOE) General Permit Verification Letter, 11/2/2017

ACOE Permit, August 19, 2016

Motion to Reopen - Supplemental Submission, 12/05/17

Council Decision and Staff Report on Motion to Reopen, 12/08/17