How to Request a Public Scoping Meeting

In most cases, the agency proposing the project (the "sponsoring agency") will schedule a Public Scoping Meeting automatically. However, if the Scoping Notice indicates that no meeting is scheduled, you can request that the agency hold such a meeting. To do so, you need only send a letter making such a request to the name and address indicated in the Scoping Notice.

If 25 or more persons or an association that has at least 25 members requests a Public Scoping Meeting, the sponsoring agency will, by law, schedule such a meeting. It will be at least 10 days after the publication of the Scoping Notice in the Environmental Monitor.

Remember, your request should be sent to the sponsoring agency at the address indicated in the Scoping Notice in the Environmental MonitorDo not send your requests to the Environmental Monitor or the Council on Environmental Quality. If you have questions about the Public Scoping Meeting or the scoping process, look for the "For More Information" contact in the Scoping Notice.