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Environmental Monitor

September 19, 2017

  1.   State Conservation and Development Policies: The Plan for Connecticut, 2018-2023 (State C & D Plan) - Revised Draft Available
  2.   Connecticut State Water Plan Final Draft Report: Notice of Request for Written Comments
  1.   NEW! University of Connecticut Athletic District Improvements, Mansfield
  2.   NEW! Replacement and Improvements for the East Avenue Railroad Bridge, Norwalk
  1.   NEW! Derby Downtown Redevelopment Project, Derby
  1.   Route 7 Wastewater Facility Decommission and Construction of New Pump Station and Force Main to South St. Wastewater Treatment Facility, Ridgefield
  1.    Proposed Sewer Easement, Pomfret
The next edition of the Environmental Monitor will be published on October 3, 2017.
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Notices in the Environmental Monitor are written by the sponsoring agencies and are published unedited. Questions about the content of any notice should be directed to the sponsoring agency.

Special Notices
1. Conservation and Development Policies: The Plan for Connecticut, 2018-2023 (State C & D Plan)

The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) has published a revised draft of the Conservation and Development Policies: The Plan for Connecticut, 2018-2023 (Draft State C&D Plan), in accordance with CGS Section 16a-28(b).  The Draft State C&D Plan, including the Draft Locational Guide Map, can be viewed at:

OPM, in cooperation with Regional Councils of Governments (COGs), will schedule, publicize, and conduct formal public hearings on the Draft State C&D Plan in each of the state’s nine planning regions over a five-month period.

Written comments from the public are welcomed and will be accepted until the close of business on October 16, 2017.

Written comments should be sent to:

Name:        Daniel Morley

Agency:      Office of Policy and Management

Address:     450 Capitol Avenue, MS #54 ORG

                 Hartford, CT 06106-1379

Fax:           860-418-6486


This notice is published in the Environmental Monitor at the request of the Office of Policy and Management to provide notice of the availability of the revised draft of Conservation and Development Policies: The Plan for Connecticut, 2018-2023. There is a strong link between this plan and CEPA.

2. Connecticut State Water Plan Final Draft Report: Notice of Request for Written Comments

The State Water Planning Council (WPC) is soliciting and collecting public comments on the Connecticut State Water Plan Final Draft Report.  A copy of the draft plan and associated resources can be found at

Members of the public may submit written comments on the plan.  Comments must be filed no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 20, 2017. 

Pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. 22a-352(c), the (WPC) is required to provide a time period of not less than one hundred twenty days for public review and comment of the State Water Plan Draft Report prior to finalizing the State Water Plan Report and submitting it to the legislature.  The WPC will fully consider all written and oral comments concerning the proposed state water plan and will make the electronic text of the finalized state water plan available on, along with a report summarizing all public comments received, and (2) the changes made to the finalized state water plan in response to such comments and the reasons for such changes.

Written comments may be submitted electronically (recommended) or by mail.

      To submit comments electronically, complete the web-based comment form at the following link:  This form provides the option to either (1) upload comments as a PDF or Word document (maximum size 16MB), or (2) input comments in a text box directly on the form.

      To submit hard-copy comments by mail, send a letter to:

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

10 Franklin Square

New Britain, CT 06051

ATTN:  State Water Plan Draft Report Comments

All comments submitted using the methods above will become part of the formal public record and posted to for viewing.

Please report any technical issues you are experiencing with this website to the site administrator at

Scoping Notices

"Scoping" is for projects in the earliest stages of planning.  At the scoping stage, detailed information on a project's design, alternatives, and environmental impacts does not yet exist.  Sponsoring agencies are asking for comments from other agencies and from the public as to the scope of alternatives and environmental impacts that should be considered for further study.  Send your comments to the contact person listed for the project by the date indicated.

 The Following Scoping Notice has been submitted for review and comment.

1. Notice of Scoping for University of Connecticut Athletic District Improvements

Municipality where proposed project might be located: Mansfield

Address of Possible Project Location: : Jim Calhoun Way on the University of Connecticut Storrs Campus, Mansfield, Connecticut

Project Description:

UConn proposes to construct improvements to the Athletic District in order to renovate and improve aging facilities consistent with NCAA Division I requirements.  The 2015 Campus Master Plan identified a need for special use facilities and new athletic venues at the University.  New stadium projects for soccer, baseball, softball, and throwing were identified as Master Plan priorities to be completed by 2020.  The proposed improvements will provide special use facilities towards meeting the prioritized needs.  Proposed improvements include:

  • In-situ construction of a new competition soccer pitch and new seating;
  • Construction of a new softball field surface and seating in or near its existing location;
  • Relocation and construction of new baseball field and seating;
  • Construction of a +/-54,000 square foot Performance Center including locker rooms, concessions, weight training, sports medicine, restrooms, and administrative offices for soccer, baseball, and softball;
  • Construction of a sound barrier for the chillers at the Frietas Ice Forum;
  • Minor improvements to the throwing area; and
  • Relocation of practice soccer field and maintenance facility to present location of baseball field. 

New construction associated with this project will incorporate best practices of sustainability with a minimum goal of LEED Gold certified.

Project MapsClick here to view a map of the project area.  Click here to view a conceptual map of the proposed Athletic District improvements.

Written comments from the public are welcomed and will be accepted until the close of business on:  October 20, 2017

There will be a Public Scoping Meeting for this project at:

DATEOctober 10, 2017

TIME:  7:00 p.m. (Doors will be open at 6:30 pm)

PLACE: Conference Room B of UConn's Facilities Operations & Building Services, 25 LeDoyt Road, Storrs, CT

Written comments should be sent to:

Name: Paul Ferri, Environmental Compliance Professional
Agency: University of Connecticut, Office of Environmental Policy
Address:   31 LeDoyt Road, Unit 3055, Storrs, CT 06269-3055
Fax: (860) 486-5477

If you have questions about the public meeting, or other questions about the scoping for this project, contact:

Name: Paul Ferri, Environmental Compliance Professional
Agency: UConn Office of Environmental Policy

2. Notice of Scoping for the Replacement and Improvements of the East Avenue Bridge

Municipality where proposed project would be located: Norwalk, Connecticut

Address of Possible Project Location:  Railroad Bridge over East Avenue 

Project Description: The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) proposes to improve the East Avenue Railroad Bridge, the Metro-North Railroad station, and a nearby retaining wall in East Norwalk. The proposed work includes the following elements:

  • Replace the East Avenue Railroad Bridge (State Bridge No. 03691R) with a new bridge structure;
  • Construct elevators/stair structures for access to the station platforms;
  • Lengthen existing station platforms along both sides of the new East Avenue Railroad Bridge and railroad;
  • Replace a deteriorated timber retaining wall (Wall 27) along the south side of the railroad right-of-way; and 
  • Construct a temporary access road to the construction site off of Strawberry Hill Avenue.
The purpose of this project is to:
  • Construct a resilient replacement bridge to address the state of disrepair and age of the existing bridge substructure and superstructure;
  • Improve pedestrian accessibility, safety, and mobility at the East Norwalk Metro-North Railroad station and platforms, including compliance with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements; and
  • Improve a deteriorated wall condition whereby the existing retaining wall cannot support current loading from commuter, inter-city passenger, and freight train movements.
Project Maps:     Click here to view a map of the project area.
                             Click here to view an aerial view of the project area.  
Written comments from the public are welcomed and will be accepted until the close of business on:  Friday October 20, 2017
Any person can ask the sponsoring agency to hold a Public Scoping Meeting by sending such a request to the address below.  If a meeting is requested by 25 or more individuals, or by an association that represents 25 or more members, the sponsoring agency shall schedule a Public Scoping Meeting.  Such requests must be made by the close of business on Friday September 29, 2017.
Written comments and/or requests for a Public Scoping Meeting should be sent to
Name: Mr. Kevin C. Fleming, Transportation Planner
Agency: Connecticut Department of Transportation, Office of Environmental Planning
Address:   2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111
E-Mail:  (please use subject heading "East Avenue Bridge"

If you have questions about the scoping for this project, contact:

Name: Mr. John Hanifin, Project Manager, Facilities and Transit
Agency: Connecticut Department of Transportation, Bureau of Engineering and Construction
Address:   2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111
Phone: (860) 594-2899
E-Mail: (please use subject heading "East Avenue Bridge")
Additional information can be found online at:

Post-Scoping Notices: Environmental Impact Evaluation Not Required

This category is required by the October 2010 revision of the Generic Environmental Classification Document for State Agencies. A notice is published here if the sponsoring agency, after publication of a scoping notice and consideration of comments received, has determined that an Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) does not need to be prepared for the proposed project.

The following Post-Scoping Notice has been submitted for publication in this edition.

1. Post-Scoping Notice for the Derby Downtown Redevelopment Project - Revised

Municipality where project will be located: City of Derby 

CEPA Determination:  On June 6, 2017, the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) published a Notice of Scoping  to solicit public comments for this project in the Environmental Monitor.  During the scoping period, the DECD received comments from the Department of Public Health (Drinking Water Section) and (Environmental Health Section), the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the State Historic Preservation Office, the Office of Policy and Management and two residents from the City of Derby.                

The DECD has taken those comments into consideration and has concluded that the project does not require the preparation of Environmental Impact Evaluation under CEPA.

The agency's conclusion is documented in a Memo of Findings and Determination  andEnvironmental Assessment Checklist.  Please also find attached a letter to the Office of Policy and Management with responses to their queries.  

If you have questions about the project, you can contact the agency at:


Binu Chandy


CT Dept. of Economic and Community Development


505 Hudson Street, Hartford CT 06106






What happens next:
The DECD expects the project to go forward. This is expected to be the final notice of the project to be published in the Environmental Monitor.

After Scoping, an agency that wishes to undertake an action that could significantly affect the environment must produce, for public review and comment, a detailed written evaluation of the expected environmental impacts. This is called an Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE).

The Following EIE Notice has been submitted for publication in this edition.

1. EIE Notice for Ridgefield Route 7 Wastewater Treatment Facility Decommission and Construction of New Pump Station & Force Main to South Street Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project Title: Route 7 Wastewater Facility Decommission and Construction of New Pump Station & Force Main to South Street Wastewater Treatment Facility

Municipality where project is proposed: Ridgefield

Addresses of Project Locations: South Street Plant: 22 South Street.   Route 7 Plant: 9101 Ethan Allen Highway (Route 7).

Project Description:

The project is being undertaken to address aging and worn equipment and structures at the Town's two treatment facilities that are reaching the end of their service life, as well as to meet new, more stringent effluent limits.  The Town is proposing to decommission the Route 7 Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) and consolidate treatment operations at the South Street WWTF.  This involves the demolition of the Route 7 WWTF, and installation of a force main and pump station to convey flow to the South Street WWTF.  The project also includes the potential to expand the South Street WWTF sewer service area by approximately 90 acres and 126 parcels based on an assessment of potential future sewer needs to address public health concerns with two areas of existing development.   The South Street WWTF will be upgraded to comply with the anticipated facility effluent limits, as well as to handle the flow from the decommissioned facility and potential additional sewered areas. 

The public can view a copy of this EIE at:

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Bureau of Water Protection & Land Reuse 2nd Floor

79 Elm Street, Hartford CT 06106

Ridgefield Town Clerk's Office

Ridgefield Town Hall

400 Main Street

Ridgefield, CT 06877

Project Document: Ridgefield Environmental Impact Evaluation

Project Map(s):  Figures 1 to 11 from the Draft EIE

Comments on this EIE will be accepted until the close of business on: October 6, 2017.

Additional information about this project can be found online at DEEP's Environmental Impact Evaluations for Water Projects

Send your comments about this EIE to:

Name: Max Fan
Agency: Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Address: 79 Elm Street, Hartford CT 06106

State Land Transfer Notices
Connecticut General Statutes Section 4b-47 requires public notice of most proposed sales and transfers of state-owned lands. The public has an opportunity to comment on any such proposed transfer. Each notice includes an address where comments should be sent. Read more about the process.


The Following Land Transfer Notice has been submitted for publication in this edition.

1. Notice of Proposed Pomfret Sewer Easement

Complete Address of Property:

From Route 44/169 Crossing in Pomfret to Town Farm Road in Putnam

Number of acres to be transferred:

Non-exclusive easement along 3.27 miles of former railroad right-of-way

Click to View Maps:

Figure 1. Map of Property Location

Figure 2. Map of Property Location

Description of Property
Brief Description of Historical and Current Uses:
The Town of Pomfret has requested a non-exclusive easement for the installation of a force main sanitary sewer line beneath 3.27 miles along the Air Line State Park Trail (the Trail) to address operational and pollution concern issues associated with onsite wastewater management systems available at The Pomfret School, the Rectory School, Loos & Company, Inc., and municipal buildings (e.g., town library; Pomfret Community School).  The proposed sewer line will be dedicated to such users and will not be available for other users.  The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) maintains the Trail for public recreation purposes and such uses will be enhanced and continued after completion of the sewer installation project.  DEEP acquired this segment of former railroad line in 1976, as a part of its acquisitions from the Department of Transportation that now comprise the North Section of the Air Line State Park Trail property.

The property contains the following:

 Structures:       Buildings in use        Buildings not in use       No Structures 
 Other Features  x  Wooded land    Nonagricultural fields    Active agriculture
     Paved areas   x  Ponds, streams, other water, wetlands
 Water Supply:        Public water supply      On-site well      x  Unknown
 Waste Disposal:      Served by sewers    On-site septic system   x  Unknown
The Connecticut Conservation and Development Policies Plan identifies the property as being in the following category:
      Regional Center
   Neighborhood Conservation Area
   Growth Area
   Rural Community Center
   Rural Area
 x   Conservation Area
   Preservation Area
   Existing Preserved Open Space

The property is in the following municipal zone(s):
      Residential        Industrial        Commercial       Institutional 
   Not zoned  x  Not known

Value of property, if known:

  x    If checked, value is not known.

Type of Sale or Transfer:

      Sale or transfer of property in fee
 x   Sale or transfer of partial interest in the property (such as an easement). Description of interest:  Non-exclusive Easement

Proposed recipient
:  Town of Pomfret

Proposed use by property recipient:

The Town of Pomfret intends to install a pressurized sanitary sewer line (i.e., force main pipe) beneath the Trail and an associated pump station off-trail. Each of the above-mentioned users will utilize an individual pump station that will convey wastewater to a centralized pump station located near the intersection of Route 44/169 in Pomfret (See Figure 2). From the centralized pump station, wastewater will be pumped over to the Wastewater Treatment Facility in the Town of Putnam via the force main pipe installed along the Trail for final treatment.

As owner of the Air Line State Park Trail, DEEP will continue to maintain the property for public recreation purposes. The centralized pump station would generally consist of a concrete wet well, submersible pumps, valve vault, remote alarm system, odor control system, a standby emergency generator, and approximately a 60’x12’ stockade fencing enclosure.  

The agency is proposing to transfer the property with the following restrictions on future uses:

DEEP will reserve the right to continue to use the land within which the easement will be granted for any use and purposes.  The easement will limit the future installation of above ground wastewater infrastructure or appurtenances associated therewith. The easement will require the installation of odor control measures.  DEEP will ensure that it incurs no expense as a result of said easement and ensure that the Town of Pomfret bears all direct and indirect costs of construction, building, repairing, operation and maintenance of said easements.

      If checked, the state is not currently proposing restrictions on future uses.

Reason the State of Connecticut is proposing to transfer this property:

DEEP, in cooperation with the Department of Transportation, will be developing the Trail to enhance recreational opportunities following the Town of Pomfret’s sewer installation project.  In exchange, the Town is proposing to provide DEEP with an A-2 survey of the property and create engineering plans for the development of the trail, including 7 road crossings (2 of which are pedestrian bridge designs), all to DOT construction specifications.

Comments from the public are welcome and will be accepted until the close of business on OCTOBER 5, 2017

Comments may include (but are not limited to) information you might have about significant natural resources or recreation resources on the property, as well as your recommendations for means to preserve such resources.

Written comments* should be sent to:


Paul F. Hinsch


Bureau of Assets Management


Office of Policy and Management


450 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT 06106-1379


*E-Mail submissions are preferred.

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