1) Notice of Scoping for Interchange Improvements to I-91, I-691 and Route 15

Municipalities where proposed action might be located: Meriden and Middletown

Project Description:

This scoping notice is for three separate projects having independent utility within the I-91, I-691, and Route 15 interchange area.  The purpose of these projects is to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety associated with crashes caused by congestion and weaving.  Originally, the proposed improvements were to be addressed as part of one large project, however, based on project size, scope, construction costs, and available funding, CTDOT determined that three smaller independent projects would be a much more manageable and cost effective approach.    

State Project No. 79-240: Interchange Improvements to I-91 Southbound, I-691 Eastbound, and Route 15 Southbound.  The proposed improvements include the following: 

I-91 Southbound

  • Provide operational lanes from Exit 19 (Baldwin/Preston Avenue) to Exit 18 (I-691 WB) and from the Route 66/I-691 WB On-ramp to the East Main Street Off-ramp (Exit 17)
  • Provide a two-lane exit ramp to I-691 WB
  • Relocate the access to Route 15 SB and realign the exit ramp to East Main Street
  • Resurface the highway pavement to the Wallingford town line

Route 15 Southbound

  • Provide a two-lane exit ramp from I-691 EB
  • Relocate the ramps to and from East Main Street
  • Relocate the exit ramp to I-91 SB
  • Widen the highway to accommodate the new two-lane ramp from I-91 SB

State Project No. 79-245: Improvements to the I-691 Eastbound Off-ramp to I-91 Northbound.  The proposed improvements consist of providing a two-lane exit ramp from I-691 EB to I-91 NB and an operational lane on I-91 NB from the On-ramp from I-691 EB to the Middletown rest area. 

State Project No. 79-246:  Interchange improvements to I-91 Northbound, I-691 Westbound and Route 15 Northbound.  The proposed improvements include the following:

Route 15 Northbound

  • Provide a new two-lane ramp to I-91 NB
  • Provide an additional lane on the exit ramp to I-691 WB
  • Reconfigure the ramp to East Main Street

I-91 Northbound

  • Reconfigure the ramp to Route 15 NB
  • Widen the highway to accommodate the new two-lane ramp from Route 15 NB
  • Resurface the highway pavement from the Wallingford town line

Alternatives Analysis Report and Maps:  Click Here to view the Alternatives Analysis Report (which includes maps of the project area).

Written comments from the public are welcomed and will be accepted until the close of business on: October 23, 2020

There will be a virtual Public Scoping Meeting for this proposed action:

DATE: Thursday October 8, 2020

TIME: 7:00 p.m.

PLACE: Virtual Meeting

NOTES: The meeting will be live streamed via Microsoft Teams Live Event and YouTube Live. A Question and Answer session will immediately follow the presentation.  A link to join the virtual meeting will be available at the following location:  https://portal.ct.gov/DOT79-240


Individuals with limited internet access can listen to the meeting by calling (888) 989-9724 and entering the Participant Code: 5891744 when prompted.  Individuals with limited internet access can request meeting materials and project information be mailed to them prior to the meeting by contacting Sebastian Cannamela by email at Sebastian.Cannamela@ct.gov or phone at 860-594-2698 prior to September 29, 2020.

Persons with hearing and/or speech disabilities may dial 711 for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS).  Language assistance may be requested by contacting the CTDOT's Language Assistance Call Line (860) 594-2109.  Requests should be made at least 5 business days prior to the meeting. Language assistance is provided at no cost to the public and efforts will be made to respond to timely requests for assistance.

The MS Teams Live Event offers closed-captioning for the hearing impaired and non-English translation options.  A recording of the formal presentation will be posted to YouTube following the meeting and closed-captioning (including non-English translation options) will be available at that time.  The recording of the presentation will also be posted within 7 days on CTDOT's virtual public meetings website at the following location:  https://portal.ct.gov/dot/general/CTDOT-VPIM-Library.

Written comments (email preferred) should be sent to:

Name: Kevin Fleming

Agency: Connecticut Department of Transportation, Office of Environmental Planning

Address: 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06131

E-Mail: dot.EnvironmentalPlanning@ct.gov

If you have questions about the public meeting, or other questions about the scoping for this project, contact:

Name: Sebastian Cannamela, P.E., Project Manager

Agency: Connecticut Department of Transportation, Bureau of Engineering and Construction

Address: 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06131

Phone: (860) 594-2698

E-Mail: Sebastian.Cannamela@ct.gov

Inquiries and requests to view and or copy documents, pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, must be submitted to the sponsoring state agency:

Name: Ms. Alice M. Sexton

Agency: Connecticut Department of Transportation, Office of Legal Services

Address: 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06131

Phone: (860) 594-3045

E-Mail: Alice.Sexton@ct.gov

What Happens Next: CTDOT will make a determination whether to proceed with preparation of an Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) or that the project does not require the preparation of an EIE under the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA). A Post-Scoping Notice of its decision will appear in a future edition of the Environmental Monitor.