WCC Medical Protocols for Foot and Ankle — Effective November 1, 2018


TO: WCC Commissioners, District Administrators, Advisory Board, Legal Advisory Board, Medical Advisory Panel, Medical Practitioners, Medical Care Plans, Self-Insureds, Insurance Carriers, Attorneys and Unions
FROM: Stephen M. Morelli, Chairman
DATE: October 29, 2018
RE: WCC Medical Protocols for Foot and Ankle — Effective November 1, 2018


In consultation with practitioners, insurers and the Medical Advisory Panel, medical protocols for Foot and Ankle injuries are being implemented.

These protocols are not meant to be absolute. There must be room for medical judgment. Medical providers are urged to contact the insurer if they feel that a treatment pattern other than the published protocol is required. It is expected that the payer will work with the provider to ensure that the injured worker receives the most appropriate treatment.

These protocols will be used by the Commission to evaluate whether a treatment is reasonable and appropriate based on the diagnosis of injury. The effective date of these protocols is November 1, 2018.

We are grateful to the medical professionals who have spent and continue to spend many hours working with us to bring the most appropriate and the highest standard of care to injured workers in Connecticut.

The protocols can be found at