Medical Panel Exams Pursuant to C.G.S. § 31-349c


TO: Commissioners, District Administrators, Self-Insureds, Insurance Carriers, Attorneys, Unions, Second Injury Fund, Legal Advisory Panel and Advisory Board Members
FROM: Jesse M. Frankl, Chairman
DATE: April 27, 1999
RE: Medical Panel Exams Pursuant to C.G.S. § 31-349c


Please be advised that the final medical panel examination to determine medical qualification for transfer to the Second Injury Fund will be conducted on June 30, 1999.

Therefore, Pre-Formal Hearings should be held as soon as possible if you have cases which need to be evaluated. Please be certain that duplicate medical packets, excerpts of depositions, etc. that you wish to submit for consideration, are received in this office no later than June 1, 1999.