Workers' Compensation Regulations


While statutes prescribe what the workers' compensation system does, how benefits are provided to injured workers, and what administrative work must occur to run the system, often it is an administrative regulation that specifies the details participants in the system must follow. While regulations are not statutes, they do carry the force of law, second only to the statutes themselves.


Establishment and Administration of Safety and Health Committees at Work Sites

Sec. 31-40v-1. Purpose and scope.

Sec. 31-40v-2. Definitions.

Sec. 31-40v-3. Establishment of committees.

Sec. 31-40v-4. Committee membership and composition.

Sec. 31-40v-5. Frequency of meetings.

Sec. 31-40v-6. Recordkeeping.

Sec. 31-40v-7. Compensation.

Sec. 31-40v-8. Duties and functions.

Sec. 31-40v-9. Training.

Sec. 31-40v-10. Pre-existing committees.

Sec. 31-40v-11. Construction.


Preliminary Act and Acts in Preparation for Work and Employee’s Place of Abode

Sec. 31-275-1. Definitions.


Definitions Applicable to Department of Correction Employees

Sec. 31-275-2. Definitions applicable to Department of Correction employees as required by Section 31-275(1)(G) of the Connecticut General Statutes.


Claims Administration/Insurance and Self-Insurance
see also, Secs. 31-284-1 through 31-284-20, below

Sec. 31-279-1. Claims administration.


Assignment and Postponement of Hearings and the Authority of Claims Personnel

Sec. 31-279-2. Attendance at hearings.

Sec. 31-279-3. Request for continuance.

Sec. 31-279-4. Basis for decision.

Sec. 31-279-5. Voluntary agreements and stipulations.

Sec. 31-279-6. Assignment of hearings.

Sec. 31-279-7. List of approved physicians. (Omitted)
see, Sec. 31-280-1, below

Sec. 31-279-8. Fees for professional services. (Omitted)
see, Sec. 31-280-2 and Sec. 31-280-3, below


Obligations of Attending Physician

Sec. 31-279-9. Obligations of attending physician.


Medical Care Plans

Sec. 31-279-10. Medical care plans.


Notice to Employees

Sec. 31-279(b)-1. Statutory notice to employees.

Sec. 31-279(b)-2. Type size on notice.

Sec. 31-279(b)-3. Posting requirement.

Sec. 31-279(b)-4. Policy revisions.

Sec. 31-279(b)-5. Effective date.


Approved Physicians and Other Practitioners

Sec. 31-280-1. List of approved physicians, surgeons, podiatrists, optometrists and dentists; standards for approval and removal from the list.


Practitioner Fee Schedule

Sec. 31-280-2. Practitioner fee schedule.

Sec. 31-280-3. Practitioner fee schedule: Definitions; Practitioner Fee Schedule; Medical Advisory Board; Practitioner Billing and Payment Guidelines; Dispute Resolution.


Structure and Operation of Workers’ Rehabilitation Programs

Sec. 31-283a-1. Definitions.

Sec. 31-283a-2. Vocational rehabilitation benefit eligibility.

Sec. 31-283a-3. Vocational rehabilitation programs and benefits provided to eligible employees: Vocational evaluation; Employment capabilities determination; Determination of employment objective; Establishment and structure of vocational rehabilitation plan; Job placement; Vocational counseling.

Sec. 31-283a-4. Rehabilitation allowance payments: Eligibility; Schedule of payments; Termination of payments.

Sec. 31-283a-5. Discontinuance of benefits: Maintenance of benefits; Procedure for vocational rehabilitation plan termination.

Sec. 31-283a-6. Contested vocational rehabilitation cases. Appeal process: Notice of appeal; Appeal procedure.


Self-Insurance Certification
see also, Sec. 31-279-1, above

Sec. 31-284-1. Definitions.

Sec. 31-284-2. Application process: Application Filing; Application Form; Insurance; Certificate of Self-Insurance.

Sec. 31-284-3. Partial self-insurance.

Sec. 31-284-4. Delayed start-up.

Sec. 31-284-5. Decisions of the commission.

Sec. 31-284-6. Evaluation factors.

Sec. 31-284-7. Reconsideration.

Sec. 31-284-8. Security requirements.

Sec. 31-284-9. Guarantee of liabilities.

Sec. 31-284-10. Excess insurance.

Sec. 31-284-11. Reporting requirements: Financial Reports.

Sec. 31-284-12. Claims reporting requirements.

Sec. 31-284-13. Reserves.

Sec. 31-284-14. Additional reporting requirements.

Sec. 31-284-15. Renewal applications.

Sec. 31-284-16. Termination of self-insured status.

Sec. 31-284-17. Assessments.

Sec. 31-284-18. New regulation grace period.

Sec. 31-284-19. Severability.

Sec. 31-284-20. Grandfathered employers.


Voluntary Agreements

Sec. 31-296-1. Voluntary agreements.

Sec. 31-296-2. Undetermined liability.


Preclusion of Compensation Liability
see, Sec. 31-294c

Sec. 31-297(b)-1. Motion to Preclude.


Appeal from Compensation Commissioner
CRB Appeal Procedure

Sec. 31-301-1. Appeal.

Sec. 31-301-2. Reasons of Appeal.

Sec. 31-301-3. Finding.

Sec. 31-301-4. Correction of Finding.

Sec. 31-301-5. Evidence to be Filed by Appellee.

Sec. 31-301-6. Assignable Errors.

Sec. 31-301-7. Duty of Commissioner on Appeal.

Sec. 31-301-8. Function of Compensation Review Division.

Sec. 31-301-9. Additional Evidence.

Sec. 31-301-10. Pro Forma Award.

Sec. 31-301-11. Motion to Correct Not Reserved.

PETITION FOR REVIEW. (Illustration of Form)