Sec. 31-283a-2

Vocational rehabilitation benefit eligibility.

Workers' Compensation Administrative Regulation regarding
Structure and Operation of Workers’ Rehabilitation Programs


Sec. 31-283a-2. Vocational rehabilitation benefit eligibility.

As provided in Section 31-283a of the general statutes, a disabled employee may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation benefits, provided the Chairman or his designee finds that:

(1) The employee, employer, insurance carrier, physician, Commissioner, or other interested party has requested vocational rehabilitation services by completing and filing an application signed by the applicant for vocational rehabilitation benefits with the Chairman or his designee.

(2) There exists a permanent impairment which substantially disables the employee for a significant period of time from performing the worker’s most recent or customary type of work and that such permanent impairment is a direct result of an injury found to be compensable under Chapter 568 of the general statutes by a Commissioner, a voluntary agreement, an award; or in lieu of those, a stipulation approved by a Commissioner.

Effective October 18, 1995