Compensation Review Board Opinions


The Compensation Review Board, or CRB, is the appellate body established by statute in 1980 to operate within the Workers' Compensation Commission to hear disputes in workers' compensation cases that are unable to be resolved in lower-level hearings. Each year a tiny fraction of the many cases heard by the Commission are appealed to the CRB, usually just a few dozen.

Three of the Commission's sixteen Administrative Law Judges serve on the Compensation Review Board on a rotating basis. The Chief Administrative Law Judge sits as the head of the Board, and chooses the other two Judges to hear cases for a year-long appointment each.



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CRB Hearing Calendars

Follow this link to find out when future hearings are scheduled to be heard before the Compensation Review Board, and which cases will be argued in each hearing.


CRB Opinions:  2013-2022

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CRB Opinions:  1993-2012

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CRB Annotations

There are about 6,000 annotations to CRB opinions, which we also have available online. These are one- or two-paragraph summaries of cases, listed by the statute, regulation, and/or issue pertinent to the cases.