2020 CRB Opinions by Statute, Regulation, and Issue


Compensation Review Board opinions are presented for informational purposes only — “as is” — and the Commission makes no warranties regarding their usefulness for any given purpose. As always, the full texts of statutes, regulations, opinions, and court decisions should be consulted and all citations and references fully researched by the reader.


31-275(1). Arising out of and in the course of employment.

31-284b. Continued insurance benefits.

31-288. Additional liability. Penalty for undue delay. Penalty for noncompliance with insurance requirements.

31-294d. Medical treatment; physician authorization; pecuniary liability.

31-294f. Medical examination of injured employee. Medical reports.

31-296. Voluntary agreements (approval of).

31-298. Conduct of hearings. Evidence.

31-301. Appeal procedure.

31-301. Factual findings.

31-301-4. Correction of Finding.
[Administrative Regulation]

31-302. Payment of compensation. Commutation into monthly, quarterly or lump sums.

31-306. Dependents’ compensation.

31-307. Total disability and occupational disease.

31-308(a). Temporary partial/Wage differential.

31-308a. Additional compensation.

31-315. Modification of award or voluntary agreement.

31-321. Manner of serving notices.

31-348. Insurance policy notification.

31-355(b). Employer’s failure to comply with award. Second Injury Fund liability.

31-355(e). Insolvent insurers and Connecticut Insurance Guaranty liability.

7-314a. Volunteer firemen.

7-433a, 7-433b & 7-433c. Heart and Hypertension Act.


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