2013 CRB Opinions

pertaining to

Sec. 31-275(1). Arising out of and in the course of employment.


Compensation Review Board opinions are presented for informational purposes only — “as is” — and the Commission makes no warranties regarding their usefulness for any given purpose. As always, the full texts of statutes, regulations, opinions, and court decisions should be consulted and all citations and references fully researched by the reader.


Albuquerque v. Town of East Hartford
Case No. 5741 CRB-1-12-3  —  April 9, 2013

Barbieri v. Comfort and Care of Wallingford, LLC
Case No. 5794 CRB-8-12-10  —  September 26, 2013

Chowaniec v. Town of Middlefield
Case No. 5779 CRB-8-12-9  —  September 9, 2013

Covey v. Home Medical Associates, LLC et al.
Case No. 5770 CRB-4-12-7  —  July 25, 2013

Cunningham v. Saint Raphael Healthcare System
Case No. 5809 CRB-3-12-12  —  December 31, 2013

Disotell v. LVI Services, Inc.
Case No. 5749 CRB-3-12-4  —  April 25, 2013

Dorenbosch v. Hoffman Landscapes
Case No. 5734 CRB-7-12-2  —  February 14, 2013

Haburey v. Winchester
Case No. 5763 CRB-6-12-6  —  June 14, 2013

Kingston v. Town of Seymour
Case No. 5789 CRB-5-12-10  —  September 10, 2013

Madden v. Danbury Hospital
Case No. 5745 CRB-7-12-4  —  April 22, 2013

McMorris v. City of New Haven Police Department
Case No. 5815 CRB-3-12-12  —  November 19, 2013

Osborn v. Lowe’s Home Centers, Inc.
Case No. 5800 CRB-5-12-11  —  October 28, 2013

Reis-Pereira v. Goodrich Pump & Engine Control Systems, Inc.
Case No. 5713 CRB-6-11-12  —  May 20, 2013

Vaughan v. North Marine Group
Case No. 5695 CRB-4-11-11  —  January 4, 2013

Wilson v. Costco Wholesale Corporation
Case No. 5780 CRB-5-12-9  —  August 28, 2013


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