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CT TRB Annual Statement
Annual Statement
Happy Holidays!
This is to notify you that TRB will be emailing Active teachers their Member Annual Statement to the email address provided by their Employer.
The statements will be sent via State of Connecticut’s secure email system. Release of statements will occur in batches between January 3, 2023 and January 12, 2023.

Due to the high volume, please allow up until
January 31, 2023 to receive the email. If
you do not receive your Statement by January 31
st, please contact your Board of Education as they will be provided a copy of your statement. Please visit the Member Annual Statement Center after March 1, 2023 should you still need a copy.
The secure email with your Member Annual Statement will not expire. However, we suggest you download your Statement when you receive the secure email.
– Opening your secure email
· You will receive a secured email from the State of Connecticut between January 3, 2023 and January 12, 2023 . Once you’ve received the secured email, click onView Message.
– Logging in to secure email
  • Recipients with Gmail, Yahoo!,
    Hotmail/Outlook, and Office 365 accounts can authenticate using those credentials in lieu of a passcode.
  • If the recipients are using Hotmail/Outlook or Office 365 and an Outlook or Outlook Online client then the message is automatically decrypted in their inbox.
  • Mail does not expire sent securely.
How to retrieve Office Message Encryption (OME) mail messages and OME Code Message 
OME Mail Messages | OME Code Message
· This does not give you online access to your account information at TRB, for we do not have this capability yet.
– Save the attachment
· Download the statement and save it so you can access the file whenever you need it
Please visit the Member Annual Statement Center under FAQ’s section of our website if you have any questions about your statement or notice any discrepancies. The most common questions are listed below.
1) My name or address is wrong. How do I update it?
A) While you are actively teaching, demographic information can only be updated by your employer in order to update our records.
2) My beneficiary needs to be updated. How do I do that?
A) Beneficiary updates need to be processed by submitting a new Beneficiary Form.
3) I recently purchased service but don’t see it on the new statement. Where is it?
A) Service purchased after June 30, 2022 will not be reflected on the 2021/22 statement. They will appear in the following years 2022/23 annual statement.
4) I notified TRB of an error on my statement. How long will it take to hear back?
A) Please allow up to 90 days for all other questions to be researched as they require an audit of your account to ensure your account is in good standing before retirement.
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