FAQs for Employers

What is the difference between a "Stand Alone" Transmittal Process and an Integrated Transmittal Process?

If you are using a "Stand Alone" Transmittal Process, this means that you are manually entering your data into the TRB Transmittal Software to add or delete members or to make financial (pensionable/earnable salary, FTE contributions) and demographic changes (name, address and SSN) to a member's account. You must go into an individual record and make manual changes whenever you need to update this information.

An Integrated Transmittal Process would extract all of the required information from your payroll system and populate it into the TRB Transmittal Software any time you were to add, delete or change a member's record. An advantage of an integrated system is that the data is only entered once through your payroll system thus avoiding duplicate entries and minimizing the chance for errors. Some of the larger school districts have customized their payroll systems or used an external payroll services to develop an integrated transmittal process.