Dental Subsidies


Not all members receive Medical benefits through their BOE. Some members receive dental coverage only. Many of these members receive a subsidy that is below the standard $220 because dental coverage only has a cheaper monthly premium.

As a result, rate changes need to be submitted to TRB to ensure we provide reimbursement based on what the member pays for that plan year. Adding or removing dental subsidy members is still completed using the TRB Health Subsidy Software.

  • Changes to dental premiums are submitted using an Excel workbook that is then uploaded using the ST Web Client
  • Dental Subsidy files should be submitted with the following naming format:
    • TRB_Dental_Only_Subsidies_399.xlsx  where 399 is your district's 3 digit TRB identifier.
  • This allows members to be grouped based on premium and BOE so we can quickly make changes
  • Using this method makes it easier for BOE staff to submit rate changes without having to enter them individually on the software
  • It also allows TRB to make changes quickly in our system and adjust rates for large groups all at once

The link below will provide you with a blank Dental Subsidy Worksheet. The first tab in the Excel workbook is where you will list your district's members who are receiving only dental benefits from the BOE.

The second tab is where you will provide the rates for different dental plans covering recipients under your BOE