Our Vision

"Our vision is to be the leader in providing prompt quality service, increasing access to information, and promoting participation in the democratic process."

Our Mission

Through the commitment of a knowledgeable staff and advanced technology, the Office of the Secretary of the State works as a team to provide a wide range of services for the people and businesses of Connecticut.

We are a repository of records for the State and provide important information and resources regarding business and commercial filings, elections, and authentication as prescribed by the constitution, and federal and state laws.

We seek to support business development opportunities, and foster a more inclusive political process by educating, informing and engaging communities in youth and civic preparation.

Statutory Authority and Organization

The Secretary of the State is designated by the Constitution and General Statutes of Connecticut as the official keeper of a wide array of public records and documents.  The office is a vital source of information regarding various businesses, commercial lenders, elections, legislation, regulations and other areas, and responds to more than 600,000 requests for information annually. It also publishes, distributes and sells the State Register and Manual and other publications.

Connecticut law makes the Secretary of the State responsible for the administration of many aspects of business law including the approval of all certificates of incorporation, organization and dissolution, as well as annual and biennial reports. Trademarks are registered here as well. 

As Commissioner of Elections for the State of Connecticut, the Secretary is charged with administering, interpreting and implementing election laws and ensuring fair and impartial elections. Pursuant to the terms of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, the Secretary has the same responsibility for federal elections.

The office serves the public through several divisions:

Business Services, business.ct.gov,files and maintains legally required records showing the formation of and fundamental changes to corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships and other business entities. Business Services disseminates that information to the general public and the business, banking and legal communities. Transactions relevant to security interests in personal property are perfected by filing statements under the Uniform Commercial Code statutes with the Research and Response unit. These filings protect the holder of the security interest by securing the lien and providing public notice that such interest exists. Trade, service, collective, certification and device marks are registered, and the division investigates and collects fees and penalties from foreign corporations doing business in Connecticut without authority. The division is also responsible for administering the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP), which provides services to victims of crime.

Business Services offers real time access to corporate and UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) documents via the Internet. Anyone who has access to the Internet can visit the Secretary of the State's website and navigate to the Business Services Application. The public may obtain names and addresses of corporate principals, business addresses and a listing of all filings made for that business.

Business Service's Customer Service Center is open from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Elections and Voting administers, interprets and implements all state and federal laws pertaining to elections, primaries, nominating procedures, and the acquisition and exercise of voting rights. The Division encourages and monitors the implementation of the National Voter Registration Act and other voter registration efforts in Connecticut.  In conjunction with local Town Clerks and Registrars of Voters, the division provides training for local elected officials. The division, working with local officials, has put into operation a statewide-computerized voter registry system, which complies with the Help America Vote Act. 

In addition, the division is the official keeper of all acts, orders, grants and resolutions of the General Assembly, receives and maintains legislation, regulations and a wide range of other public documents as required by statute, and administers Connecticut’s notary public program.

State Agency Regulations are maintained in an online, searchable database called e-Regulations found at eregulations.ct.gov. The eRegs System provides a platform for full electronic adoption and publication of all state agency regulations. The system was also designed with government transparency and public participation in mind. A simply designed but powerful public access portal allows for easy searching and tracking of regulations and regulation-making records.

Information Technology is responsible for the administration, support, development and maintenance of all computer systems and related applications within the agency.  It also provides support to the Centralized Voter Registration system, Business Services Application, the agency website and all E-Government initiatives within the agency.

Management and Support Services supports the office in the areas of human resources, affirmative action, fiscal administration, business, revenue depositing, purchasing, data processing and other support services. It also publishes the Connecticut State Register and Manual (the “Blue Book”), maintains the interactive version on the agency website, and coordinates its distribution and sales.

In addition, the Administrative and Capitol offices administer a wide range of programs and services for Connecticut’s young people, citizens, and businesses.