What is School Choice?


Connecticut School Choice Laws

Grants for the operation of interdistrict magnet school programs. Transportation. Enrollment of students; notice. Special education. Financial audits. Tuition.  
Connecticut General Statutes Title 10 - Section 10-264l provides criteria for authorization of grants for the operation of interdistrict magnet schools and student enrollment.

Summary of Sections 10-264l through Section 10-264q.

  • Section 10-264l(a)(2)(E) defines an interdistrict magnet school as a program that:(i) supports racial, ethnic and economic diversity, (ii) offers a special and high quality curriculum, and (iii) requires students who are enrolled to attend at least half-time.
  • Section10-264l(b)(2) sets forth conditions for the Commissioner of Education’s determination of whether an application for an interdistrict magnet school should be approved and funded.
  • Section 10-264l(c) sets forth the maximum statutory amounts payable to eligible interdistrict magnet schools as an operating grant for appropriately enrolled students.
  • Section 10-264i provides the statutory authority for payment of a per pupil interdistrict magnet school transportation grant.
  • Section 10-264i(4) and (5) authorizes payment of an additional or supplemental transportation grant to regional educational service centers’ (RESCs) interdistrict magnet school operators that transport enrolled students.
  • Section10-264h.authorizes eligibility for reimbursement of capital expenditures for interdistrict magnet school facilities.
  • Section10-264h(a) currently permits a state reimbursement rate of up to 80 percent of the eligible costs of any interdistrict magnet school capital expenditure under  certain guidelines.
  • Section 10-264l(b)(1) requires the Commissioner of Education to submit a comprehensive statewide plan (Plan) for Connecticut’s interdistrict magnet schools to the CGA.
  • Section 10-264q requires interdistrict magnet schools failing to reach the requisite racial enrollment compliance percentage to submit a compliance plan to the Commissioner.
Charter schools: Definitions. Sec. 10-66aa

Public Act 17-172 An Act Concerning the Establishment of Reduced-Isolation Setting Standards for Interdistrict Magnet School Programs Opens in a new window

Public Act 16-139 -An Act Concerning Magnet School Tuition

Public Act 97-290-Enhancing Education Choices and Opportunities Act  established, within available appropriations, a statewide interdistrict public school choice program to improve academic achievement; reduce racial, ethnic, and economic isolation or preserve racial and ethnic balance; and provide students with a choice of educational programs.