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Connecticut FAFSA Waiver

Since 2019, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) has been encouraging high schools to support completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so our graduates are better positioned for postsecondary success. These efforts include student-level data sharing, a public dashboard, a FAFSA challenge grant, and FAFSA training sessions. Pursuant to sections 319 and 320 of Public Act 23-204, starting with the high school graduating class of 2025, school districts shall not permit a student to graduate from high school unless the student has completed the FAFSA, other institutional financial aid application for those without legal immigration status, or a waiver developed by the CSDE. This waiver can be completed by the parent/guardian or the student (if 18 or older or an emancipated minor). On and after March 15, a principal, school counselor, teacher or other certified educator may complete such waiver on behalf of any student if they affirm that they have made a good faith effort to contact the parent/guardian or student on at least three (3) occasions about completing the FAFSA or other institutional aid form. Regardless of this graduation requirement, CSDE’s focus remains on increasing FAFSA completion rates. Later this year, the CSDE will offer trainings on the Better FAFSA, a more streamlined version of the form which is expected to launch in December 2023.

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CSDE-District FAFSA Data Sharing Agreement

The CSDE is partnering with the Connecticut Office of Higher Education (OHE) to provide FAFSA completion data at a student-level to all districts through EdSight Secure. In order to receive these FAFSA data, an authorized signatory for the district must execute the attached data sharing agreement amendment and return it to the CSDE. Download a copy of the original agreement.