2021-22 FAFSA Challenge

Monthly FAFSA Challenge Winners

(Schools Showing Greatest Percentage Point Increase in the Month)

May 2022

Challenge School: Crosby High School (Waterbury)

Non-Challenge School: Synergy Alternative Program (East Hartford)

April 2022

Challenge School: Central High School (Bridgeport)

Non-Challenge School: Capital Preparatory Harbor School

March 2022

Challenge School: Bullard Havens Technical High School

Non-Challenge School: Capital Preparatory Harbor School

February 2022

Challenge School:   W. F. Kaynor Technical High School

Non-Challenge School:   Capital Preparatory Magnet School

January 2022

Challenge School:  Ansonia High School

Non-Challenge School:  Amistad Academy

December 2021

Challenge School:  Windham High School

Non-Challenge School:  The Bridge Academy

November 2021

Challenge School:  Montville High School

Non-Challenge School:  The Bridge Academy

October 2021

Challenge School:  Henry Abbott Technical High School

Non-Challenge School:  Granby Memorial High School


2021-22 FAFSA Challenge Materials

The Connecticut Governor’s Office and the CSDE are continuing the FAFSA Challenge during the 2021-22 school year, beginning in September 2021 with a nine-month initiative where high schools across the state will be charged with boosting FAFSA completion rates for the class of 2022 relative to the class of 2021. The FAFSA Challenge will provide microgrants, trainings, and other resources to up to 53 eligible high schools serving students with high needs as a means of helping seniors access the financial aid they deserve to pursue a postsecondary education.

Measures of Success for the 2021-2022 FAFSA Challenge



A statewide completion goal of 60% or an increase of approximately 5 percentage points from 2020-21



90% of FAFSA Challenge Schools will increase their FAFSA completion rate by 5 percentage points or more



100% of high school schools in the FAFSA Challenge will strengthen their partnerships with institutions of higher education and/or community-based organizations