Exemplary Sexual Health Education

How To

Exemplary Sexual Health Education Curriculum Materials

Once a district has developed a scope and sequence (what is being taught) and designed assessments (how one will measure if students are learning what is being taught), then the district is ready to develop and/or select lesson activities and materials that align with the outcomes and assessments.

When choosing packaged curriculum materials, it is suggested that evidence-based interventions or evidence-informed materials be considered.

Evidence-Based Interventions

Evidence-based interventions are programs or curricula that have been proven effective on the basis of rigorous scientific research and evaluation AND identified through systematic independent review.

Evidenced-Informed Programs or Curriculum

Evidenced-informed programs are programs that are informed by scientific research and effective practice.  The materials or programs show some evidence of effectiveness, although they have not undergone enough rigorous evaluation to be considered an evidence-based initiative.