Professional Support Webinar Series for Districts

Learning at a Distance: Journeys of Connecticut Schools

This multi-part live webinar series will showcase how a range of Connecticut districts have implemented teaching and learning at a distance. Key topics such as student engagement, balancing asynchronous/synchronous learning, online teaching practices, professional learning, rigorous content, formative assessment, special populations, socioemotional support, connectivity, and security will be discussed. Districts will share what they have learned along their journey. Participants will be able to pose questions.

April 21, 2020
Session 1: Addressing the K-12 Continuum

April 23, 2020
Session 2: A Focus on English Language Arts and Mathematics

April 28, 2020
Session 3: Meeting the Challenges and Learning from Change

May 5, 2020
Session 4: When your Classroom is in your Home: Teaching and Learning Science K–12

May 7, 2020
Session 5: Teaching the Artistic Processes from a Distance

May 11, 2020
Session 6: Virtually Teaching Today’s Skills for Tomorrow’s Careers

May 18, 2020
Session 7 - Teaching Social Studies in a Period of Change

May 21, 2020
Session 8 - Strategies for Effective Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Online Instruction