Rate Case Information


In a rate case, a regulated utility files an application to amend its rates. A regulated utility may recover costs incurred to provide safe, reliable service, and a reasonable rate of return. After receiving an application, the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) initiates a docket to review the application. PURA staff reviews detailed cost data in an application, receives written and oral testimony, cross-examines witnesses in public hearings, and reviews public comments.

PURA then issues a Proposed Final Decision for comment, and issues a Final Decision approved by a majority vote of the three PURA commissioners at a Regular Meeting.

PURA’s Final Decision effects the public because it determines the rates utility customers pay. Public participation in a rate case is important because those comments become part of the record and are considered by the PURA commissioners to make a decision in the rate case.

View the below tutorial videos to learn more about rate case procedures and how to engage in proceedings:


Overview of a Rate Case
How to Get Involved
Elements of a Rate Case
Legislative Direction