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Program Overview
In 2021, PURA established a successor residential renewable energy program that will change how solar owners are compensated for the power their systems produce and provide to the local electric grid. The new program will replace current net metering, as well as the residential solar incentive program (RSIP), starting January 1, 2022. The plan ensures the continued sustained and orderly development of the state’s solar industry while putting in place important ratepayer and consumer protections that ensure ratepayers reap the benefits of renewable energy resources.
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Program Manual

The Future of Residential Solar in Connecticut: An Overview of the New Tariff Program - YouTube

Program Websites and Contact Information
Program Administrators Email Website
Eversource Energy Visit Eversource's website
United Illuminating (UI)

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PURA Decisions

Program Authorization Decision: Docket No. 20-07-01, 02/10/21

Program Year 1 Decision (2022): Docket No. 21-08-02, 10/06/21
Program Year 2 Decision (2023): Docket No. 22-08-02, 11/02/22
Application Process Working Group (APWG) Decision, 02/08/23
Program Year 3 Decision (2023): Docket No. 23-08-02, 11/01/23