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Cellular Telephone Service Complaints

If you have not yet discussed your complaint or inquiry with your cellular company, we ask that you do so before speaking with PURA. The company's telephone number can be found on your cellular bill.

While PURA has limited statutory authority over cellular companies we will maintain a written record of your complaint and send a copy of your complaint to your Carrier.

If you have already spoken to your cellular company and would like to register your complaint or inquiry with the Department electronically, please use the PURA complaint form

You may also register your complaint or inquiry by calling us toll-free at 800-382-4586 or by submitting a complaint online.

Cell Phone FAQs

What should I do if I have a complaint or inquiry about my Connecticut Cellular Carrier (Carrier)?
You should first call your Carrier at the telephone number that is on your bill.

What should I do if I am unable to resolve my complaint or inquiry with my Carrier?
You can contact PURA Customer Affairs staff toll-free at 800-382-4586 and register your complaint or inquiry with them or you can submit a complaint online.

If I file my complaint against my Carrier with PURA, what can I expect?
A representative of PURA will make a written record of your complaint and a copy of your complaint will be kept on file.  A copy of your complaint will also be sent directly to your Carrier.

Does PURA regulate cellular telephone service?
PURA has limited statutory authority over cellular telephone service.  However, as previously stated, if you have spoken to your Carrier and remain dissatisfied, you can call PURA Customer Affairs at their toll-free number and one of our representatives will make a written record of your complaint or inquiry; forward it to your Carrier and keep a record on file. 

Why is the CSU’s toll free telephone number on my Carrier’s bill if the PURA has limited statutory authority over cellular carriers?
Pursuant to Sec. 16-247t of the Connecticut General Statutes, PURA is required to provide a toll-free number and Internet web site at which members of the public can submit their cell phone inquiries and complaints.  PURA is also required by law to receive such complaints and inquiries.

Why should I lodge my cellular telephone service complaint or inquiry with PURA if it has limited jurisdiction over cellular service?
Because PURA Customer Affairs will forward your complaint or inquiry to your Carrier for action.

What should I do if I am thinking about canceling my cellular telephone contract?
Most Carriers have their customers sign a 1-2 year contract when initiating service.  You should carefully read the terms and conditions of a contract before signing it. Each Carrier has a cancellation fee, which will be billed on your final bill if you choose to cancel the service before the terms of the contract have expired. 

Web sites that provide additional information about cellular service:

Federal Communications Commission

CTIA The Wireless Association 






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U. S. Food and Drug Administration – Cell Phone Facts/Consumer Information on Wireless Phones

Public Act No. 05-241- An Act Concerning Cellular Mobile Telephone Directories and Customer Inquiries and Complaints Regarding Cellular Mobile Telephone Service

Content last updated October 2021